Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I am here, I am fine

Hi! Anyone still reading here?
No reason for lack of posting other than I am adjusting to having my kids 24/7 since they are out of school. They get up at 7--sometimes before-- and don't go to bed until 8pm. Beau is constantly bored and needs lots of guidance. And I can't blog at the pool and I am at the pool a lot. Free time is spent running, cycling, swimming, cleaning or doing business stuff. So less time to write about my silly self-absorbed endeavors.

As promised here are some pictures from Carmella's dance recital:

Yeah, yeah, she's cute and all but the whole dance thing is kinda creepy in its pageantry. It is more dress up than sport. Not even Carmella really likes it. She'll do the hair and make up thing and get on stage and do the dance no problem but the first thing she wants to do when it is over is wash her face, take her hair down and get out of that costume.

I don't know. I just think it is wrong to put make up on a 7 year old.

But here are some pictures of her that make my heart do the proud mama dance: Carmella right before her first ever swim meet event. The 50 free! She was the first event: girls 7-8 yr olds, 50 free. I could tell she was nervous. She got 4th (out of 6) and her time was 1:20. But she loved it. Before putting her to bed that night she said "Mommy, you know what?"
And I said "What?"
And she said, "I was smiling while I was swimming."
And I said, "Why?"
And she said,"Because I could hear you yelling my name.You are the loudest mom out there."
Just to prove how loud I was for the next meet I brought a cow bell to cheer her on during her events. Ryan took it away.

Her 25yd backstroke: 32 seconds. Faster than her 25 Freestyle: 34 seconds. We had a talk about that and this week she brought the 25 free down to 29 seconds.
Carmella with the Gator Lala drew on her back. I actually had to show Carmella the email that said I was to write all over her body in sharpie. She wouldn't let me write any spirit stuff that first meet on her but for the second meet she trusted Lala to draw on her.

I am so proud of her. She improves everyday. She definitely gets sick of my swim advice but she watches me while I swim and I see her trying to mimic it. Problem is that I do not swim aggressively when I swim laps. So she is mimicking my long swim pace. I need to practice the sprints so she can see how it is done.

And yes, I am so jealous and want to be on the swim team too. I'm just dying for Coach Aaron to say, "Nat, get in the pool and practice with the team."
So far no invitations.
But I did check all the times for the 15-17 age group. (You know, age group closest to my age. BTW, 37 next month. July 7th, hint hint.) And I could totally be competitive--even against the boys. I have been working on my butterfly you know. It is coming along. Ryan said I looked powerful the other day. But he was probably just trying to get in my pants. But Carmella's friend, a much more reliable source, told her mom that I was a professional swimmer after I had given her and Carmella some special instruction at an afternoon pool playdate (am I a fun mom or what?). I don't know about the professional part but yeah, I can swim well.

At any rate, I am trying really hard to not live vicariously through my daughter and still do my own thing. Which last week broke down as this:
Sunday: 10 miles 8:24 pace

Monday: 5am 6 mile run with Sam, 30 minute lap swim while kids had practice: 1 mile

Tuesday: 4 mile treadmill run: 29:12, walked it out for 5 minutes.

Wednesday: 9 miles (6 with Sam and then tacked on 3 more)

Thursday: 6 miles with Sam, 30 minute swim (1 mile)

Friday: 6 miles on the treadmill: 44 minutes. Pyramid run: 8:03, 7:09, 6:33, 7:07, 7:24, 7:41.

Saturday: 55 mile bike. Hot as hell not to mention hilly. Just under 14 mph. Sigh. I am slow. 1000 yd swim later in the afternoon.

Run: 41 miles
Cycle: 55 miles
Swim: 4400 yds

I know. Boring. I'll try harder to be more consistent, not to mention entertaining.


  1. Um, I am so glad that someone else has the desire to play with the kids. i am pretty sure i am the only mom at the pool today (or in years) who played basketball with the kids. (they have a b-ball court inside the pool fence, but around the corner for kids to play while it is adult swim, which is really ingenious!) Hopefully no one saw me when I stripped the ball from Rollie and took it for a layup.

    I also did some laps during the adult swim, and the lifeguard, who i am pretty sure is an 18yr old, did some laps, too. And in my head, i was imagining that she decided to swim laps because she saw my beautiful, powerful stroke and wanted to challenge me. And I hoped that she would challenge me to a race, but it didn't happen.

    Maybe if i keep wowing them with my laps.

  2. Yup, I'm still viewing your blog posts as you're very close to my racing times...even when I failed to reach my goal in Boston due to stomach problems...you also had problems in your marathon!

    The child model thing can be pretty creepy, and brings back memories of the blame-game during that Ramsey child being killed...some said dressing up the little girl in makeup and putting her into beauty pageants was asking for trouble, but I don't really see the harm as children want to model after the parents. You ARE a great role model!!

  3. OK, you being the loudest mom and making Carmella smile in her swim made me cry. But Ryan taking the cowbell - hilarious!

    What do you do with the children during adult swim?

  4. Hey, if Carmella ever swims against Brookwood Hills, keep an eye out for Coach Allison! That would be my hard working spouse.

  5. Yay for Carmella! That's awesome.

    I've been MIA too. Isn't summer supposed to be slower than the rest of the year!

  6. Love the gator and the cowbell! Awesome!

  7. Good stuff! I may live vicariously through Carmella this year, because our kiddos didn't want to swim (Alpharetta Sharks) this season. So bummed, because I'm so NOT a swimmer yet M was flourishing (swam County the last few years and did well) and her little bro, P, did well last year (his first & County also) too. But, not wanting to be over-bearing parents, the Mrs. and me respected their choice to not swim.

    So, keep the Carmella updates flowing...and, we need more cowbell!!

  8. Go Carmella! Rocking Gator drawing! Can Lala come draw on me for my next race?

  9. Hi there, Mama Rose!

    I love that you are sooo THAT mom.

    Just don't Carmella and Sam get to chatting.