Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sleeping In

Sam called last night before I went to bed to say she couldn't run this morning. That left me with mixed emotions: Disappointment (read treadmill run later this morning for me) but happiness that I could sleep until 7am--2 hours and 20 minutes later than usual. Certain bliss, right?

Yeah, not so much.

Fast forward to 6:00 am.

Beau pads in my room, dragging Blue (his blanket, pronounced Boo). Turns on light. Goes in my bathroom, pees, talks to self or wait, probably Blue.

Exits bathroom, leaves light on and leaves my room. I hear him downstairs talking to Ryan. I hear Ryan leave and then Beau turn the TV on. I relax and try to go back to sleep for the remaining 45 or so minutes I still have available to me.

But no. He's back. Beau slaps a stack of papers on my bed. Right in front of my face.

Mommy, he says, see this. These are the birds we will be seeing in Hilton Head. He flips through the printouts (Thanks Ryan!):
Painted Bunting
Cooper's Hawk--my favorite.
Wait. I like Bald Eagles, Barn Owls, Boo Jays, and Hawks.
He continues, look here Mommy, we will also see:
Raccoons, Deer, ALLIGATORS. Rweally. I'm serwious.

I am up and Beau chatters alongside me. Where is his sister he wants to know?

Still asleep, I tell him. She has a swim meet tonight and needs to rest. Do not wake her up.

But I want someone to talk to me, he whines.

Lola is at the bottom of the stairs waiting to go out. Sigh. Beau let her out of her crate but didn't take her out. Beau follows me as I take the dog out:

Mommy, he asks, What is your favorite TV show?

Ugh, Lost.

No, little kid show Mommy. What is your favorite little kid show?

Oh, I don't have one.

He begins listing some for me. You know, to help me decide: Dora? Clifford? Hannah Montana? Sponge Bob Square Pants? Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Sponge Bob Square Pants! He sings.

Scooby Doo, I say, hoping to end the litany of kid shows and theme songs.

Beau follows me in the kitchen. I make coffee. Get him something to eat. He checks the window that has direct view of the squirrel feeder, I mean bird feeder.

No squirrels he reports and then starts yelling. I see a Cardinal! Mommy I see a Cardinal! It is on the thing you make hamburgers on. Also hot dogs. Sometimes chicken.

The grill, I tell him.

I see a Cardinal on the grill Mommy! Oh, nope, it is gone. You missed it. I want cereal, juice--in a juicy cup, a banana, and waffles.

OhMiGod! Getting up and running by 5 am is so much better than sleeping in.

I'm sorry but this means for me I am looking at least 16 hours of Beau today (because swim meet nights we don't get home until 9-10pm). And that is just too much Beau. I love him to teeny tiny pieces but his chatter scrambles my brain.


  1. I too am excited to see these things at the beach! Thanks Beau-for getting the list together!

  2. I am so glad that other people's kids do that and mine isn't just freakish and hyperactive.

    I am also enjoying Todd working from home for the last two weeks, as it is proving to me that I am way more patient than I thought i was. Todd has lost his shit a couple a times and I have just sat by, watching placidly.

    I know, it is bad that i am enjoying this, but I feel vindicated.

  3. Oh yeah. I love how Ryan tells me I have no patience but on any given Sat or Sun when he has to spend the am with the kids he loses his shit by 10 am. I usually don't lose mine until at least late afternoon.
    And for the record, it is 2 pm and I still have it together. I hold no hope though as Beau makes me lose marbles at swim meets.

  4. I lose my marbles regularly before swim team (8:30) - not so bad today though because I pacified the girls with bacon.

  5. So, basically, a morning with Beau is like a morning with Jay? In fact, speaking of losing your marbles, Having kids is a lot like a day with Jay...