Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Last Week Re Cap

Boring stuff--just my workouts last week.

I had a very nice week and made the best of my last week before the start of the kids' summer vacation. I wish every week could be like last week but it can't. I do get spoiled by it.

Sunday: I can't remember what I did last Saturday but whatever it was the accumulation of the week before hit me on Sunday and I had that heavy/tight calf issue. Ran/walked my way to 4 miles that average about 10 minute miles.

Monday: Steph couldn't ride so I hit the Greenway and did 4 laps (12 miles each) and then 4 more miles to make it an all time longest ride ever of 52 miles. MPH came in just under 17. I got a scolding from an acquaintance for going that "fast" at the Greenway. Yes the post limit sign is 10mph but trust me, I see all sorts of guys out there in their fancy spandex and jersey in aero killing it. I at least brake when I go around/encounter people.

Tuesday: Again with the tight/heavy calves. Run/walk hobble of six miles on rolling hills. Probably 10 minute miles again.

Wednesday: Got up early and was on the treadmill by 5 am. The kids had end of the year parties that I volunteered at so I couldn't get my workout in then. Have I mentioned before how much my body disagrees with running at 5 am? I had to walk that first half mile. Was able to get the pace down to 7:10 ish by the end of the third mile and then climb the ladder back to walking. Did 5 miles. Average pace was 8:20ish.

In the afternoon it turned out that the kids had play dates so I took advantage of my found time and took a leisurely spin on the bike around my house. Let me just say that it is not ideal to ride when the high school gets out. Lots of getting yelled at but hey, at least no one threw anything at me. Ride was 21 miles, 15mph.

Thursday: My last day that both kids were in school. I made the best of it. Unfortunately I had some stuff to do around the house so I didn't start running until 10:30 and the temps were in the mid 70's. Was a very solid run: 22 miles at an 8:50 pace on a hot and hilly route. 85 degrees when I finished. Heat was starting to bother me at the end. But yay me on the run!

Friday: Legs felt really good so I ran 9 miles: 7 on the road (hilly) and 2+ on the Leita trail (also hilly). 9ish pace. Felt very nice. Was also 60 degrees and overcast. If it had been hot again doubt it would have been as nice.

Went to the gym to swim late in the afternoon. Friday afternoon is NOT the time to go. Wait. It is if you like swimming in bleach. I do not. Made it about 20 minutes-- which usually works out to at least 1000yds for me. Was all sorts of terrible and I smelled bleach for 2 days after.

Saturday: No childcare. Took the kids and their bikes to the Greenway. They rode and I ran along side them. I did sprints while they took breaks. We all walked about mile after for a cool down. Total mileage was about 6 miles probably. But since it took well over an hour I am just calling it 4 miles.

Week end totals:
Run: 50 miles
Cycling: 73 miles
Swimming; 1000 yds

Sunday: My longest, hardest bike ride EVER! Got a group together to ride in Roswell. There were 20, 42 and 63 mile options. 3 of us hung for the full 63. I do the 40 frequently and it isn't that tough so I just didn't think the full 63 was going to be so hard. I was so humbled. My legs were toast. I was so worried that I held the other 2 back and ruined their rides (since I was the one who knew the route they couldn't really drop me) but they both said it was indeed a very challenging ride. It was 62.4 miles at about 15mph pace. I do plan on riding it again. I like a challenge and it was a lot of fun and a gorgeous day for a ride.

Monday: Greenway with the kids again. Beau rode a lot faster and they only took 2 breaks--which I did the sprints--. About 5 miles for me, 4 for them. Total time was about 45 minutes.

Then I swam about 2000 during adult swims while we hung out at the pool and drank beer.

Tuesday: Got up early and hit the gym pool at 5am. About 2000yds in 35+ minutes. Great start to my day. Not sure what else I will get in today.


  1. Great job on the ride. I gots a long way to go to ride with you though! Sarah & I agree that riding the hills is good for us though. :)

  2. Great week of training. I need to start joining you Unholy Rollers on the Sunday Ride. Definitely need the hill work

  3. Good job on your 63 miles! I hit 46 yesterday so that's my current highest. Maybe I can do the 63 in July . . . or if I get a random day off before then.

  4. There is nowhere better to ride, IMHO , then the greenway around here.

    Riding in traffic scares me-- at 15-17 mph average, I'd be killed.

    As long as you are not a jerk who thinks your workout supersedes everyone else's right to be there (the ones who don't say On your left, or don't yield to anyone, or so on)- and I really doubt you are- I don't think it's a problem.

    There's plenty of room there as long as everyone just follows simple rules of the road.

    On the speed limit sign, I wave to the police officers on bikes as I go by. They don't seem to think I'm bothering anyone.

    And 10 mph is about impossible to stay under unless they are going to say no bikes there at all.

  5. Great job on the mileage and kudos for the bike ride too! Having just moved from Atlanta it's nice to read about "local" runs and know where you're talking about. Keep up the great work.