Saturday, June 28, 2008

Did not die

Almost bonked though. Had a rough patch around mile 80. Entertained some pretty negative thoughts which irritated me but I rallied and got past it to finish strong.

100.30 miles, 15.65 miles per hour (yes, I am slow poke. But I should note this was a tad faster than my previous longest ever ride of 63 miles. So there is potential that someday? I might, kick ass on the bike. Bwhahahaha) Time was 6 and half hours. Ouch for the boo-Tay. But thanks to Dani for the chamois creme. My girly bits thank you too.

Full report with pictures forth coming. Digital camera got dropped in the pool at swim meet Thursday so I bought a throw away for the ride to record for prosperity. And by prosperity I mean blog.

Thanks to the Mainstay for the advice. I take back about wishing you to be a bridesmaid and hope that it was your big day up in Rome this evening.

And HUGE thanks to Neal for offering and actually riding with me. I had a FABULOUS time. It was great meeting everyone and just was a beautiful ride!


  1. Congrats on not dying. Cant wait to hear the full report. Neal is such a great guy

  2. Nice work, lady!
    You should have stopped at my folks place in C'ville.
    Who's Neal, and why am I jealous?

  3. Whooo! Go Natalie! Very excited to see the photos.

  4. Nice job!! I'm so excited for you!!!

  5. Way to get it done Ms Natalie!

    Six and a half hours...That's a long time on a bike.

  6. Way to rock it! Speed is a coming I feel it! Spinverals and the trainer....don't forget!

  7. Way to go Nat!! That's about my planned pace for Ironman :-)

  8. Congrats Nat!!! I am not surprised one bit!