Tuesday, July 15, 2008

50 min swim, 37 min run

Look at me, I'm Joe Reger.

Just kidding.
You know me.
I'm not the less is more type.
I am the there may just be a tiny little bit to say but I have a lot to say about that and then whole bunch to say about a lot of other unrelated tangents too type.

On with the logging. . .

So like I said in my last post kids and I were off for a 12 mile they ride/I run at the Greenway Trail. Deja vu. Let me tell you. There is some bad bad voodoo on me. Bad. And when I figure out exactly who has the me doll there is going to be some hell to pay.

Lala has said run around a tree backwards. Maybe I should get some crystals and bury them in the backyard too. I'll have to call Pookie and ask her advice on that. . .

So yet again today Carmella dropped her bike chain. We had almost made it to the 2.5 mile marker. This was of course after I spent the first 2 miles giving pep talks to Beau-- who just wanted to lay down, and did, and then was mad because he wasn't first and also; he was just tired today. Everything was stupid. Finally I get everyone all happy and on track and then catastrophe strikes in the form of a dropped chain.


Maybe the voodoo doll isn't me. Maybe it is Carmella's bike.

Who the heck is f'ing with a seven year old's bike.
That is not cool.

Not cool at all.

So Carmella and I walk her bike back to the car. I am fuming. Not at Carmella. Just the situation. I explain all this to her. And she is like "isn't your race at the end of September?" And, I'm like "yes." She is like, "well you have plenty of time. Chill." I try to explain that I am not young, like her, and I have to practice so I don't embarrass myself. She is all "whatever woman. September is like forever away. Chill." And then she says, "besides, I don't know why you want to run anyway. It makes you so sweaty."

So we go to Roswell Bikes and they fix it, again, and again, swear it is not going to happen again. I am thinking maybe they are the ones with the voodoo bike doll.

I am all pissy the rest of the day. I have been robbed of my 12 mile run. And I still want to swim.

Kids misbehave left and right and embarrass the crap out of me everywhere we go. I lose my marbles and yell after they act like maniacs yet again at the last store we have to visit today. During my adult tantrum on the car ride home I ask Beau if he wants people to think he is stupid because that is what they think when he acts like such an idiot. And he responds with: "Well, what do you expect Mommy? I've got a coconut brain." And then he and Carmella dissolve into hysterics about Beau's coconut brain filled with coconut milk as he knocks on his head and makes that cross-eyed, open mouthed look on his face.


I am mean mommy and punish kids in their room and make them clean everything I can think of. After a bit I relent and take them to the pool but tell them they only have 40 minutes (opposed to the 90 minutes pool time I had set aside today for them) so hurry up and have fun. They do. And when I say it is time to go Carmella explains to Beau-- who begins to balk-- that it is their fault because they were naughty at the stores and that is why they don't have as much play time. Next time, she tells him, we will think more carefully about how we behave in public.

And I am wondering at this point if I am even necessary. Carmella seems to have better control over it than I do.

So we rush home and change out of clothes and get to the gym right as the gym nursery opens.

I hightail it to the treadmill. I have no love for the treadmill today. I want my 12 mile run. I can't let it go. First mile totally sucks. It comes in at 8 minutes and I am dying. I am hating it and negotiate down from 7 miles to a 5k and agree to a progressive run. Push push push the pace. Finish the 5k in 21:29/6:56 pace. Walk it for a few minutes and rush down to the pool to change.

Upon changing I realize I have left my towel in the car. The threat of Aquafit looms and the clock is ticking. I decide to worry about my lack of towel later.

There is only one other person in the pool. I've seen him before. He swims well and I am glad he is there. Someone the swim against. Makes it more fun.

Unfortunately he is finished when I am done with my 500 w/up. I go in for my long set. Works out to be 2350 yds in 40 minutes and change. I am disappointed that I have to stop but all those Aquafitters are sitting there staring at me swim. I know they are staring at me as I am the only one in the pool. Even if they are not discussing me they are all looking at me and it just weird to have an audience.

I get out and quickly leave the pool. I am sad that I don't have my towel but I think that maybe if I sit in the sauna the dry heat might dry me. So I bring my clothes in there and sit for a few minutes. Trying to dry. Another woman comes in. She is in her underwear and has what looks like a winter hat and honey. She sits and I sit and I realize that I am not getting dry but not only am I still wet I am now sweaty and really uncomfortable because I don't really like saunas so much. But I really want to know what she is going to do with that hat and the honey so I slowly change out of suit into my clothes. I watch her out of my peripheral vision. But the only thing she does is put the winter hat on and lay out on her towel. Very disappointing. The honey just sits in its container next to her. And I leave disappointed and am left wondering what she was going to do with that honey. My bets are on some sort of facial but I can't figure out how the hat played into it.

I suppose it will just have to remain a mystery.

So for the day: 5 + miles running, swimming: 2850 yds. Sucks.

And I am not going to tell you what I am doing tomorrow so no one can work their voodoo on me.


  1. Your kids are so cute, even when they are bad. I was lmao as I read today's post

    I get that same feeling with the aquafit folks. Its like they are standing over you breathing heavy just waiting till they can kick you out of the pool and move some water around

  2. Honey in the sauna? That is just weird.

    FWIW, a t-shirt makes a perfectly fine towel.

  3. Sometimes I think my kids are the only ones who scream, fight, drop to the floor saying they're not going to do something, wail, scream, fight etc etc.

    Sometimes it's good to know your kids are normal.

    As for the voodoo, can't help you there. Someone made one for me a few years ago, put a balloon in the middle and blew it up. That's why I'm so fat. I'm convinced. :)

  4. "I'm not the less is more type. "

    ....especially when it comes to tipping back a few, right?

  5. This actually happened last week.

    "Andy if you don't stop hitting your sister right now, I swer to God I am going to knock the fire out of you!"

    "Daddy. you mean know the tar out of me. You said knock the fire out of me but you should have said knock the tar outta me. Cmon Dad."

    I swear I don't know if I should laugh or cry sometimes.

  6. You call them Aquafit... we call them the 'Jolly Jigglers'!

  7. i found your blog via runnersworld. you are a great inspiration to all of us moms out there, what an awesome talent you have.