Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bird-brained Dreams and Birthday Wishes

It is almost time for BeauPOOLooza V. Crazy man turns 5 on Monday and his party is next Sunday.
Beau has been talking about his birthday since the day after his birthday last year.

And he has a long list of birthday wishes. Because when you are 5 birthdays are all about the presents. Wait. Who am I kidding? Birthdays are always about the presents!

And Beau?

Yeah, he has some birthday requests.

Unfortunately it is unlikely he is going to get any of them for his birthday or, well, ever-- or at least not until he is an adult and can purchase them for himself and he isn't living with me anymore. (Please Jesus say Beau will not be living at home as a an adult).

Beau's Birthday Wishlist:
1. A Bald Eagle.
When I explained that you are not allowed to own Bald Eagles he decided he wanted a parrot. If you don't know Beau LOVES birds. He has several bird books and carries at least one with him everywhere he goes. Almost every conversation we have is about birds.

So it is really no surprise that he wants a bird. But me? I don't want a bird so we are not having one. I told him parrots were too big and way too expensive.
So then Lala told him about parakeets. They are little parrots, Beau explained to me. No, I told him. We are not having any bird. We have Lola. She is enough pet for us.

But Beau persisted with, "I want a pet of my own."

2. A Pet of My Own. Like maybe a rabbit, a hamster, or a turtle (cause according to Beau turtles don't poop.)

And again I told him no.

So he began to devise a plan to get rid of Lola.

I am going to feed her bad food, he said. He lit upon this diabiolocal plan because I have told the children that dogs cannot eat the same food as them, that it will make them sick. While some people food does make dogs sick I mostly told them this so they would not feed table scraps to the dog because nothing is worse than a dog that begs. Marlow.

Instead though, he ate Lola's food. Poor dog. She is so confused on exactly who is the dog and who is the kid in our house.

At any rate we are thinking of getting him fish. And by fish I mean a gold fish and most definitely NOT a koi pond.


A koi pond?

Right, and that brings us to wish number 3.

3. A Koi Pond.
I have no idea why Beau even knows what koi pond is but that is what he asked for. Ryan said no. I am thinking that he wants one because he thinks he can fish out of it.

4. Fishing pole. A professional fishing pole.
We pointed out that he has a fishing pole. But apparently it isn't the right type.

5. Bike
Okay, so Pop and Lala bought him a new bike so this one he actually got. But he does really want a road bike because he wants to ride on the road with me.

6. Bike Jersey and Gloves.
Like me. And this one he might actually get because it is reasonable and I saw some at Roswell Bikes.

7. His own house.
Just a little one, he said. In the backyard.
And I do kinda wish I could afford that but no, he isn't getting his own house either.

8. A real 4 wheeler.
Not like the little kid one he already has. You know. The one he got last year for his birthday when he was 4 but a real adult one.

So far that is all he has asked for. And hopefully having a goldfish will make him happy cause he ain't getting any of that other stuff.

And by the way, we are at Hilton Head. So at least he is happy about that, cause Beau? Beau loves the beach. And me? I love the beach too.


  1. I think the Koi pond is a great idea! As I have mentioned before on my blog, it is the gift that keeps on giving...

    You sure do go to the beach A LOT!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Beau! We are sorry to miss Beau-polooza. Annika had a blast last year and now she would have even more fun because she can swim.

    Your hit counter is very odd. It said something in the fives just a minute ago and now it is in the sixes. Not that you aren't getting that many hits - it just seems weird.

    And, the website link to their "policies" doesn't work. I know this because I'm a reader of the fine print. Even the waiver for the mechanical bull.

  3. boy, those are quite the requests for presents! a bald eagle?! that kid is serious about his birds. sorry we will miss the beau party- toss one back for me! happy birthday, beau!

  4. Well Beau asked me for a Supersoaker like Chase has. I think I would rather get that than try and find a bald eagle! Happy Birthday Beau! Come home already. We are on for the bash! AND my computer works!

  5. Those who wait upon God get fresh strength.
    They spread their wings and soar like eagles.
    They run and don't get tired.
    they walk and don't lag behind !!

    Happy Birthday !!!
    Beau, Beau
    Bubbles and Poppy..
    Love you much...

  6. What an interesting birthday wishlist!

    Happy birthday Beau!!

  7. Goldfish are not as easy as they may initially seem. I know this because we have killed two of the three since Luke's birthday in May. If you go with the Koi pond let me know and I will donate our last fish.

  8. After a few days of Lola and her summer hair shed, her eye infection, and her "husky" personality-I believe Beau just may have the best plan as far as pets go! Lala

  9. what about a fighting fish?and by the way marlow is a good dog, quit diss'n my dog!

  10. OMG I love your stories. You have the best, and such a way to tell them. You should really consider putting a book together of them, imho.