Sunday, August 13, 2006

Beaupalooza III: A Pirate looks at 3

There is this rule and it is called: if I have a party it will rain. Wait, I'm sorry, let me be more specific: if I plan to have a party outside it will rain. It has rained every year for Beaupalooza. Yesterday, though, was ridiculous. We have been in the middle of a drought/heat wave all summer and yesterday morning it was a monsoon. I was beginning to think I should have had a Noah's ark party instead of pirate bash.
Luckily, it cleared up right at 2 when the party started. It wasn't sunny but hey, it wasn't raining and it wasn't thundering and it wasn't lightening so the kids could swim and play my pirate games --and that is all that mattered. Regardless of the rain(and at this point it is just a tradition)and less than stellar weather, I think Beaupalooza III was the best so far.

I scheduled the party from 2 to 5 and I think the last guest left around midnight. About half of the party lingered until about 9ish. Not too bad for a 3 year old's birthday party.
I need to give props to my man Dusty for making and bringing his home brew for the party. Also thanks to Bubbles and Poppy for the champagne. It is never a party without you guys' libations. And thanks to Lala and Pop for the fun floaties for the pool. What's a pirate party without a shark and an alligator.

The kids loved my games. I was so thrilled. They were able to figure out my clues to the treasure hunt and were not at all disappointed that the treasure was squirt guns. In fact, more than one kid asked if there were going to be anymore treasure hunts.

But walking the plank proved to be the biggest hit. And, yeah, they walked the plank into the pool but we did at least nix the blindfold. Admittedly, I did want to kind of still use it but the kids were a little nervous about walking the plank as it was. Well, nervous the first time across. I am sure there are probably some county codes we broke but what's a party if some rules aren't broken? And besides, no one got hurt.

There were lots of other pirates at the party and while Beau looked at 3 the others looked at many different things:
Some, like Captain Steph, is looking at 40.

Captain Todd: 35
First Mate Annika: Peace
The Grandma Wench:Babysitting? More champagne? Someone else to hold big boy Duncan?
Abbie,Anna, Alexa, Carmella, Max and Harrison: Kindergarten
Sophie and William: Preschool
Terry: A new look?
Uhm, Dee Dee the invite said join us for a Pirate Party at the Pool not Bunny Party at the Mansion.
Livi: obviously, mother like daughter. I asked if she wanted to wear her pirate costume and she told me she was a princess. I guess if you can't find a princess costume bunny ears come in a close second? I know, I know, she's 2 1/2 I shouldn't try to rationalize anything she tells me.
And all the other pirates in attendance, myself included, were just looking for a good time.

I planned the party at the pool but the kids love, love, love to run around on the tennis court. So they pretty much divided their time between pool, snacks and tennis courts. I can't remember who said it but someone accurately pointed out that is was like a giant cage.

I just want to thank all our friends and family for coming out again for Beaupalooza and making his birthday so much fun. He had a great day!

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