Friday, August 11, 2006

I like to waste my time

I have spent the last hour making "clues" for the treasure hunt. The treasure hunt is one of 2 games I have for the (I don't know anymore how many)kids coming to Beau's pirate bash tomorrow. I definitely think I have over thought this. The oldest kid at this shindig is going to be what? 7? All the rest are 5 and under.

Since my game participants are handicapped in that they can't read I made picture clues a la Blues Clues. I used clip art to make the clues. I did this because I was worried that they would have a harder time figuring out any drawing I did by hand than they would reading.

In every clue there is a pirate, then a man with magnifying glass and then a picture of the place where the next clue will be hidden. In my mind it reads:Pirates, go look for the clue by whatever the next image is. The party is at the pool so the hiding places are a picnic table (there are only 2) and the tennis court (only 1). So I think it should be pretty obvious what is what and where the clue is "hidden." The final clue has the pirate, the man with the looking glass and then a picture of a grove of trees and a house. In between the trees and the house is the treasure chest. I think this one is a bit more challenging but it is, after all , the final clue leading to the treasure chest. Therefore it should be more difficult.

And what is the treasure you might wonder?

Well, admittedly, I have put way too much time and thought into that myself. At first I thought coins but really I don't think many 3 year olds or 5 year olds are going to get too jazzed about coins. Then I thought candy but then I also thought that it would melt and attract ants and bees. So I settled on toy squirt guns. It is a pool party after all.

Wait a minute, did I just write gun? No, no what I meant to write was that it will be a treasure chest full of super soakers. See the difference? Whatever, they totally look like pistols. Yeah, they are green and pink but they are pistols, make no mistake.

Okay, so after I printed out my first mock clue, I tested Ryan. He had no idea. Great. So I called the kids down and showed them. I asked them, "in looking at this clue where do you think the next clue will be hidden?" I think it took Carmella about 4 seconds to say the picnic table. So at least, even if none of the other kids or the adults can figure out my "code" at least Carmella will be able to crack it and get to the treasure.

After I made the clues and I decided that they just didn't look authentic enough. Oh, did I mention that I went and bought that computer paper that looks like parchment? Even still that wasn't enough for me. I think it was the perfect 8 1/2 by 11 shape that was bugging me. So I crumpled them up and then burnt the edges on my gas stove. Then I got them all wet. Right now they are laying on my kitchen counters drying. My kitchen counters, I might add, that I spent more of my afternoon than I wanted cleaning. Now my whole house smells like burnt paper instead of the Murphy's oil I used to mop the floors with. Ahh, my house smells like a cabin, how cozy. No not really. Not at all.

So you'd think that the burnt paper would be enough but I also bought special envelopes to put the clues in. They are 6 by 9 heavyweight brown envelopes. I printed Jolly Rogers ( I just found out yesterday that is what they are called) on the front. I also ripped the metal clasps off. I plan on sealing them up tomorrow with red wax. I can't decide if I should burn them too.

I know you are dying to know what the other game is and I have put much less thought into it--mostly because I think it is lame. Okay, so get this. It is called Walk the Plank. A guy at the toy store told me about it. He seemed horrified when I asked if the kids were suppose to walk into the pool. See, that sounds fun to me. But no, all they do is walk blindfolded on a 2x4, which is on the ground, and hold a bag of coins. You are suppose to scare the shit out of them by saying there are sharks and alligators around them. Anyway their prize for this is a mini treasure chest with chocolate gold foil coins and a pirate costume (bandana, faux loop earring, telescope, tattoo, and eye patch.) Hmm, maybe I should make them do that game first so they can wear their costumes while they hunt for buried treasure.

I know you are wondering what sort of entertainment I have planned for the adults and it is beer. I figured out a long time ago that when you have a party all you have to do is serve alcohol and the entertainment just shows up, oh about 2, maybe 3 drinks in-- for free.

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  1. The clues and costumes were lovely! We had a great time. : )