Saturday, August 05, 2006

Running Log

Turned out to be a really great week despite all this heat and bad air. Here's the break down:
Sunday: rest
Monday: 10 miles in the am. Cross training and weights (legs, ugh and abs), in the pm.
Tuesday: Gym day. Did a PR 10K (7:25 pace) and some weights (arms and chest and abs).
Wednesday: A slow 7 miles, guess you could call that a recovery run. Didn't really plan it to go that way but the heat kicked my ass. I had to walk a good bit at the end. Guessing it was a 9:40 pace. Garmin died on me mid-run so I don't know for sure.
Thursday: Gym day again. 5K on the treadmill: 22 minutes and some change. Not bad. Cross training and weights (back, shoulders and abs).
Friday: 7 miles at an 8:30 pace. Much better.
Saturday: 8 miles at a 9 minute pace. Did a new course and wasn't sure how long it was so I was conservative in the first half, also because it was already over 80 degrees at the start of it. I picked up the pace in the second half but not enough I guess. It was a challenging course with lots of hills. A creepy guy in mini-van stalked me for a bit and made a lewd gesture at me. Not sure if he was just being a loser or was genuinely a real prev. Whatever the case he is precisely why I choose to do my runs on well traveled, busy roads instead of on trails.
Despite creepy guy it was a good run. He had a Florida tag on his car so maybe he won't be around should I do that route again. Not that there won't be (or currently are) other creeps out there. It just really sucks that because I am female that is just one more thing that I have to be worried about--as if getting hit by a car and heat stroke aren't enough.

So, total weekly mileage: 41 miles! Woo hoo! Been awhile since I hit 40+ miles for a week.
Thanks to Meme for watching the kids on Saturday so I could do that! I owe you! (and, of course, props to Lala for watching them all the other days.)
Items Found: A better attitude and little speed.

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  1. Good for you - what a great week!

    I think the pervs are going to be everywhere - better to be in a well-traveled area so as to have help or witnesses if they act up. If I were faster we could run on trails together . . .