Friday, August 04, 2006

Son, is that a panty on your head? (Part II)

Beau is very serious about potty training.
Well, as serious as he is about anything.
Yesterday, after I picked the kids up from the gym nursery Beau pulled the (clean) spare underwear out of my bag and put it on his head. He marched, with undies on his head, through the gym and across the parking lot to our car and chanted, in his pseudo drill sergeant voice "I'm a panty head. I'm a panty head. I'm a panty head."

My friend from the gym saw him and, thinking I put the underwear on Beau's head, commented that was just plain child abuse. I assured him that it was Beau's choice to wear the underwear on his head but I did admit that I was having a problem with my son calling his underwear panties.

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