Thursday, July 03, 2008

I have a date tomorrow . . .

With my husband.

I's got him all to myself.
Well,all to myself along with 54,998 other people.

That's right.

Ryan is running the Peachtree Road Race!


Ryan doesn't run.

Well, not since that time a year or 2 ago that I tried to bribe him with, uhm, favors, in attempts to get him to develop a running habit.
But apparently it is true what they say:

When you give away the milk for free they do not want to buy the cow.

Girls, let this be a lesson.

What can I say?

I am weak.

Live and learn.

So wish us luck!

And, no race race for me but I am sure to have a great time. As always.

Seriously, if I can have good time when I have tummy ache in a marathon I sure as hell am going to have a blast at Atlanta's annual party.

Anyone running (or not) join us for some post race toasting at O'Terrill's on Piedmont a block past the finish. Word is this is where the Michelob after party is. Usually you need $10 cash and it is all the beer you can you drink.

Kisses and good luck to all those going for a PR!


  1. Good luck and fun for all, I am sure! I hope to be there next year.

    Don't yell at your husband! Let him go at HIS pace.

    And keep fingers crossed for me. I should be done at 9:55 EST... Will be waiting for my plane at 11:55 EST, if anyone wants to see how I did on my 10K. Though, I am quite confident it will be a PR...

    Happy 4th, everybody!

  2. Shucks, I would consider myself lucky if my wife would even get out of bed to see me finish a marathon...she only saw me once finishing the 2003 Las Vegas Marathon and that was enough for her!! You're very lucky to have a husband like Ryan!

  3. I'm sure you all will have a blast!

    Hope Ryan has a great run!

    Happy 4th!

  4. Hope ya'll had a great time at the race!

  5. Sure it wasn't the promise of post race Adult Colas? LOL!! Hope you guys had a great time this morning!!

  6. Hope you had a great race. That was me running by in the neon orange team javelin tri top who said "is that nat,hey its Kevin"