Sunday, August 10, 2008

It must be Christmas

Or the night before a race.

'Cause I can't sleep I am so freaking excited.

Kids though seem to be having no problem sleeping as they have been sacked out since about 8pm.

Why all the excitement?

Tomorrow is the first day of school!!

See how excited Carmella is?

And Beau.

Beau starts kindergarten.

Wait. Here is Beau.
Wanna know why Beau gets all the ladies?

Cause he is a real cyclist.
He did his first ever bike race today!

He was so psyched and cute and not nervous at all. He didn't win but he didn't lose either. Keep in mind he has only been riding his bike without training wheels for 2 months. Next year he will take them all out.

Wait. I got video (Beau is in yellow jersey):

And here are some of the big boys who raced today:

My friend Paul raced cat 4 and the masters. He either took 4th or 5th in the cat 4 and he didn't know his place in master's.

But Tyler won it for the master's group.
The Mainstay (7) raced the pro/cat 1 and 2.
He looked good at the start but it was not his day. I don't know who won this race as we had to leave to get the kids home to bed.

And I too spent some time on my bike today. Albeit much, much slower than any of those guys (and gals).

I don't know what I was expecting since I had a long hard run yesterday but I really underestimated how tired my legs would be. The first half of the ride felt the worst and it wasn't until around 25 miles my legs relented and said: Okay, I guess we will cooperate.

Once I got them on board the ride became much more comfortable. There wasn't any soreness just muscle fatigue. It was like one of those times where I was certain I could feel the actual building of muscle happening. I should have taken before and after pictures of my quads.

There was an option to do the Roswell 40+ loop twice but I knew after the first few big climbs on the second loop I would be hating myself. So I ended up with 43 miles and a 15.5 mph. Geez, I need to get myself a new motor for my bike cause this one is broke.

It was a beautiful day to ride and Leslie, David and Steph were great company. Props to Leslie and David for doing the loop twice. Glad y'all let me come along and put up with my putzer pace.


  1. Beau left one of his bike gloves in our car. Glad to see he wasn't the Michael Jackson of the bike race though. Carmella left the charger thing for her game. Also one happy birthday water bottle. I'm not calling you since I assume you're out dancing the back to school dance. Lala

  2. I notice that the grown ups in your pictures often have blue plastic cups. Sometimes, red.