Saturday, August 09, 2008

I am not a Dead Head but I agree:

It is a hand-me down. There is a road. And damn, I do wish for that pebble in still water. . . or at least the still water. . .

No, I am not a deadhead by any stretch but Ripple is my favorite Dead song. For the record? Everyone should have one.

And while last week's long run's theme song was this:

Definitely (hence the lead in) this week's long run--exact same route as last week's--theme song was this:

I don't want to say the run was easy this week but yeah, compared to last week it was easy. I just had one of those runs today. There was one rough patch. I always have at least one but it was hardly a blip on my radar. I felt stronger when I finished this run than when I started it and that just rarely ever happens when you are out there running for 3 hours-- in a Georgia August, no less.

So let's compare last week's 21.56 miles to this week's 21.56 miles:
3 hours and 8 minutes vs 3 hours and change;
8:44 pace vs 8:23 pace.

Most key is the temperature:
Last week's beginning temp was 77 and finishing was 90.
This week: 63 at the start and 80 at the finish.
Also humidity, which is always the killer, was only 30% today. Last Saturday it was 57%.

There really isn't much else to say. I just had a fantastic run and didn't feel overwhelmed by the time at all. Also, best of all? I finished this run at 7:13 pace. I ran the last mile at well under marathon goal pace. So yeah. Sorry if I sound like a braggart. It is just so incredible that I had a run like that in August. I typically don't see a run like that until October. Heck, if at all. Keep in mind, overall pace is only, what? 10 seconds off my best ever marathon pace so far. So yeah, I have reasons to be happy. To be proud. Don't knock me down, bitches.

However, I cannot say the rest of the week has been such a throw down training-wise:
Sunday: Just a quick recovery run. 3.34 miles in 30 minutes.

Monday: 32.16 miles on the bike. 17+ mph.

Tuesday: 12 miles in 1:37 @ a 8:10 pace. Kids rode their bikes and I ran along side. Great run. Temps were in the high 80's and it was humid as, well some one's nasty armpit.

Later I swam and raced it out to get as much in before Aquafit kicked me out of the pool: 3500 yds with an average 1:43 100yd pace. Break down is as follows:
Warm up: 500yds 7:49
Then I had goggle issues trying to do my long set:
1st 2000 yd attempt: 500 yds-7:58
2nd--500yds--8:10 (gag)
4th attempt 250 yds: 4:06
5th attempt 1750 yds 26:45 then was thwarted by Aquafit. Whatever. Sucked.

Wednesday: 10 miles "recovery" run. No watch but about an hour 30 for the whole run. 9 minute miles. It was disgustingly hot.

Thursday: Suppose to be a swim in the morning/bike in the evening day. Bike got thwarted by afternoon thunderstorms. I should have run when it cleared up but I didn't. I was sloth.
Swim was this (so embarrassing):

I had planned to do 500 warm up. Then 100fly, 100back, 100breast, 100free with 30 sec rest in between each 100. Then repeat set. Then 1000 straight swim. Goal was 2400ish yds for the day.

Well the first set of the 400IM killed me. Boy, do I ever suck.

Here is what I ended up doing:
500 warm up: 7:39

Then the work set:
50 fly: :41
I was DYING--though I did maintain good form-- and had to take a rest. I was pissed I couldn't do the 100. I suck.
50 fly: :44
Sort shocked this was so close to the first 50-- especially considering how my form totally fell to bits about 10yds from the wall.

Most sad is that as a kid my 50 fly was under 40 seconds. I am thinking 33 seconds. Not totally sure about that. Maybe faster. I really can't remember. At any rate the fly was my stroke and I suck now.

How is at 10 years old I kicked ass in it? I swear I think I am fitter than I was at 10 but maybe not. . .

30 seconds rest
100 back: 1:36
I am always so nervous about hitting the wall that I slow down from all my looking. Not to mention my back flip turn is very rusty. Now days I see the kids flip over and do a regular turn. Old habits are hard to break.
30 sec rest
100 breast: 1:44
I HATE breast but I can't tell you how good it felt compared to the fly and back. Obviously slower than any other stroke but I was always a crappy breast stroker. I just don't have the talent to make this fast. But those that can are phenomenal swimmers.
30 sec rest
100 free: 1:21 Eh, I'll take it.
1 minute rest where I was dying and decided not to repeat set.
500 yd easy: 8:40
1000 yd: 17:04

Friday: I had the kids' open house in the am and then had to register them for activities. So I had to wait until afternoon to get any sort of workout in--never a good sign. And well? It bit donkey bootay.

24.26 miles on the bike at a 16.81 mph.

I was so scared on this ride. It was windy and the drivers were in a huge hurry to get home. I had planned to go longer but just chickened out of it. I was very disappointed about it. Bike was not good this week. But I guess you can't have good in all three when you do all three. Run was up, swim was decent and bike was down. Way down.


Le week's end totals:
Run: 47 miles
Bike: 56 miles
Swim: 5900 yds (5.5 miles)
Total: 108.5 miles


  1. Awesome training week Nat!! Your run sound phenomenal, congrats on that. This weather rocks, I wish we could keep it forever.

    The swimming - just reading about it - makes me tired.

  2. Sounds like some great training.You are super fast. You should have a great race come south carolina.

  3. Your running is so much stronger than the same time last're going to be a monster this fall. All the extra tri training must agree with you.