Wednesday, August 06, 2008

BeauPOOLooza V Pictures

So we had our annual BeauPOOLooza party to celebrate Beau's birthday. And this year, like always, was a blast and another great party is in the books.

But missing were two key elements that have halmarked past BeauPOOLooza's. First was, since he is 5 and all and might actually start remembering how everyone behaves at his birthday party we did without the keg this year. More notably missing were the keg stands. After all, we do have to start setting some kind an example. Not to mention that Beau is starting to speak much clearer and his teachers will probably understand him when he tells them about what he did at his birthday party. Oh, but no worries. We still had beer. It is an end of the summer pool party.

Also, missing for the first year ever, was rain. In fact, I think this is the first time I threw an outside party and it didn't rain. I kept waiting for the dark clouds and monsoon like rain but it didn't happen. I mean in the past, me throwing a party was a sure fire way to help the drought. My power must be weakening.

So aside from keg stands and rain everything else was in keeping with the BeauPOOLooza tradition: games, pool, good times.

The cake:

The "I survived BeauPOOLooza V" t-shirts:

I have to admit my proudest moment of the day was when I asked Beau why he wasn't wearing the bathing suit I laid out for him (It was Hawian themed). He pointed out that the one he was wearing had sharks on it and , it matched his party. See? That is why having a theme is so important Pookie. It gives you structure. And kids? They need structure. And I can tell. He will be able to write one heck of research paper (or blog post), you know, as soon as he learns to write because Beau? Beau already gets the importance of theme. How many 5 year olds can say that?

Beau with the drawing "tall" Anthony (Beau likes to inappropriately describe people with their physical attributes before their name. Just so there is no confusion.) did on his back.

The Dolphins vs. The sharks relay races:

The "Sea Horses on Land" relay races:
You had to make horse sounds and gallop, or risk disqualification. Also note that the games we play are completely dictated but what kind of stock they have at the Dollar Store. I got lucky this year that they actually had dolphin and shark floats. I kinda had to use a little creativity for the horse heads Beau insisted on getting.

Sea Horses on land became well, sea horses.

They also worked well as oars for Beau's boat.

Carmella and Reina give Livi "tatoos"

Beau and short Patric (once known as Baby Pat)

The adults.

Blowing out the candles

Well, this party pretty much always marks the end of summer. And I'm okay with that. Beau and Carmella go to the meet and greet tomorrow and Monday, oh blessed Monday, school begins.


  1. Looks like it was a great party. Beau is lucky to have such a cool mom. I love the picture on the cake

  2. Natalie,

    Very creative with the relay races in the pool and on land, I will have to remember that one. Yes, Monday should be declared a national holiday...oh no wait, then they wouldn't be in school, and we wouldn't want that!! Enjoy your freedom!

  3. Pookie learned to play "Hot Cross Buns" on the recorder when she went to High Meadows-eons ago. I'm so glad she kept up with her music. It does a mama proud. Lala