Thursday, September 25, 2008

Gas Crisis

In case you haven't heard, or are not from the metro Atlanta area, we have been suffering a gas crisis. I am not certain exactly when the crisis started but I noticed Monday that the stations were starting to run out of gas and there were really long lines just waiting to get gas.

I only had a 1/4 tank Monday so I went and found a station and got gas. There was no line at the particular station I went to but there was also only regular. While pumping I saw lots of Mercedes, Lexus and BMW's pull in and then pull right out in search of their premium gas. Lucky I am poor and just drive a Ford. I also got to pay $3.99 gal. A verified bargain after yesterday I noted those stations around me that had gas regular was going for $4.29 a gal.

So with my full tank I headed back home and that got me thinking. It really is ridiculous that I have to get in my car and drive just a few miles I have to do errands like go to the bank, grocery store, take kids on play dates etc. Especially since I am fully capable of running over 20 miles and/or can ride my bike even further.

The problem is, of course, what to do with the kids. I mean a 6 mile round trip run to the grocery store or bank isn't a big deal for me but for the kids it would be tough. Sure they could ride their bikes but it is pretty hilly and not very safe--even on the sidewalk.

Then it hit me.

What I need is a rickshaw!

Think about it.

I could get in marathon training and save money! Oh, and you know, help the environment. The buzz slogan is "Go Green!" right?

So, how's that for multi-tasking?

The kids could do their homework while I was getting my workout in and running errands. Heck, I could even pack a meal for them and they could eat their snacks or dinner while ran around town getting my workout in and running errands. I could even figure out a way to hook Lola to it and she could help me with the load and get her exercise in.

Of course, I would have to get a rickshaw that had a trunk so I could cart the groceries home. I'd probably have to put a cooler in there too so that stuff wouldn't spoil.

Details. Details. . .

Yesterday though, as I drove both kids to their gymnastics class in Roswell, it occurred to me that time might be the limiting factor in my rickshaw plan.

It is 10-11 miles to the gymnastic facility. The fastest I have run 12 miles in recent time is just under an hour and thirty minutes. And that was on a flat trail. I think pulling a rickshaw up hill--not to mention the load that will easily be over a hundred pounds with both kids-- might slow me down a little.

So I figure it will take at least 2 hours to get the kids to their gymnastic class. Doable, but I would have to check them out of school early since gymnastics starts at 4 pm. This will also be a problem since we will barely make it home by their bedtime. I guess I could pack their pj's and we could stop by Lala's on the way home from gymnastics and get them a bath. Could work.

Again, details.

So I was telling Ryan about my rickshaw idea and I thought he would totally appreciate my innovative solution. But he was very unhappy to hear about it.

He said: No. Absolutely not. No rickshaw. I do not want to be married to a woman that looks like a dude.


  1. gee I'd think he'd like the idea too. He could get rickshaws for his guys. Could you speed the thing up if you put on skates? Pop used to skate towing Bob Dog. At least the rickshaw wouldn't decide to just run over to visit another rickshaw on a whim. Lala

  2. You need a bicycle powered rickshaw. That would be a killer workout

  3. You. Are. Hilarious! I love ya!


    P.s. you are going to do GREAT in your race!!!

  4. This is a hilarious post! Love it.

  5. We are out of Gas at several places here in Birmingham--I feel your pain :(

    Love the Rickshaw idea though :)

  6. The gas "crisis" should only last until the panic subsides.

    We were "out of gas" for about a week here in Nashville, but the news didn't care until the media created shortage hit Atlanta.

    I can't wait for you to pull Stick to Nashvegas in the rickshaw next year for CMM...

    Very green!