Wednesday, September 03, 2008

These Little Piggies

Okay. First. Word has gotten back to me (yes, Lala is my source. Never her tell her anything. She doesn't keep secrets.) that apparently my blogs of late have been very boring because of all this "running crap."

The Mainstay complained that I give too much blow by blow (read he is jealous because I can finish my races). Pookie just thinks it is boring (read: she is jealous because her older, prettier sister runs faster and farther than she can) and Lala didn't say specifically what Colby's beef was but his name was thrown in the mix (read: he just wants to be a part of the family. Seriously, Cheese man you are picking the wrong sibling to side with. I am the clear favorite. I am the executor.)

So yes, today's post is another boring running post. But to liven things up a bit I've incorporated a poem with some complimentary pictures.

Next, before I show you the pictures and you judge me on how I've let things go I want you to know that there was a time when I had a regular prank caller who totally had the hots for my feet.
Cause me?
I use to have good looking feet.

Now, I have no idea who this person is and he hasn't called me since probably my senior year in high school but for several years he was a regular caller at my house. He would call and in a breathy voice and say " Are you wearing shoes?"
And I say "Yes."
Then he would say, "Take them off!"
And I would ask, "Why?"
And he would say, "Cause I want to lick your feet!"
And then he would hang up.

Sure sometimes the conversation would go a bit deeper as to the type of shoe or sock I was wearing and if my feet were clean or dirty but he would always tell me, before he hung up, that he wanted to lick my feet.

Wanna know why?

Cause my feet? My feet were hot.

But you know it has been oh . . . geez . . . a few years and you know you get pregnant and run while you are pregnant and then take up marathoning and before you know it the old feet aren't what they use to be.
So there.
I admit it.
I have let the feet go.
But, just so you know, there was a time.
A time when my feet were so hot I had strange men calling my house at all hours telling me they want to lick my feet.
It is true.
I swear.

Okay. Now to my little ditty. I'm sure you've heard it before. It is called This Little Piggy.
This Little Piggy went to market yesterday and bought new running shoes because the others had over 300 miles and were starting to make her legs very miserable. That little piggy also cleaned her house, folded some laundry, and made the kids do all their homework yesterday. She did that . . .
So this Little Piggy could stay home after her long run today and write a boring post about her long run. She also invited playdates over for her kids and fed them chocolate cake and sent them outside so they would run themselves ragged so she could write her boring blog post in peace. Magic. Really, it is a gift.

And guess what this little Piggy is having for dinner?

That's right pot roast.

This little piggy was sad yesterday because I bailed on my long run (I did run 7 miles to test out the new shoes.) and didn't make the pot roast. So he had none. No long run. No pot roast.

And this little piggy?

Well, this little piggy cried wee wee wee for 23.56 miles today!!!! The new shoes made the sticks feel so happy that I tacked on an extra 2 miles. Boring details: Three hours, nineteen minutes, 8:27 pace. Temp at start 74 degrees. 82 at finish. Nothing to report. It was just a great run.

Oh and the piglets? Well this little piglet, while I was downstairs drawing on my toes and taking pictures of them was upstairs doing a little drawing of his own.

And yes. His friend also got a mustache. I am sure is mom is going to be so happy with me. She is on her way over now so I need to go put socks on so I can tell her I have no idea where they got the bright idea to draw all over themselves.

It is a gift. Really.


  1. Jeeze the pressure in this blogging world! I too get dinged from time to time for being a bit too much of a training log. But your stuff is *always* more exciting and well-written than mine so I don't think you've got anything to worry about. And me... I like the running stuff! Keep up the great blogging. (And I could include discourse here about a blog being a reflection of what you're interested in at any given moment and that the long-term value is greater that way as compared to always blogging to be interesting or exciting... but that would be boring so I won't.)

  2. Cute Piggies Ms Natalie!

    Awesome long run and time!

    Don't know what other people are reading but...your blog is very entertaining! :-)


  3. I don't remember that foot guy! I had a foot guy too one time - it must run in the family. How or why I can't imagine since we both have terrible feet. Lala

  4. I had a phone stalker in college. A girl I went out with TWICE. After that she professed her undying love for me and started picking out baby names. I put a stop to things right there.

    Nice feet. My girls will love those pics.

  5. A. Foot guy??? Yuch...

    B. Still mad at you! Not for the run, but for the taunting...

    C. Charlie! Hope all is well!!!

    D. I have a fantastic 20 miler planned, as soon as my leg stops feeling like its gonna fall off...

    E. The media is about to make my head EXPLODE!

  6. Lala! What? You don't remember the foot guy? He totally told you he wanted to lick your feet too. I can't believe you don't remember that.

    Chris. So it wasn't you???? ;) Kisses.

    Joe, Joe and Charlie--thanks! :)

  7. The only advantage of advancing years is to be able to block out stuff. I totally don't remember this but you're the one with the elephant memory. I stayed rattled enough with you being your teenage self, a foot caller probably was just a small blip on the radar. Lala

  8. Elephant? Are you calling me fat again?

  9. Hee, love the mustache. You will have to ask Beau if it is the dastardly villan mustache or the pencil thin one. : )

  10. the blue polish is not helping in the pretty foot department.......but much more interesting than a minute by minute of a 3 hour run......tell beau his mustache makes him look very distinguished....oh and i remember the foot are such a weirdo magnet!

  11. I never find your "running crap" boring, but inspirational and very if I can only reach your strong training run of 23.56 miles with a fantastic pace of 8:27 minute miles and in the heat too!! You're a MONSTER!!! What's your secret? Maybe I should paint piggies on my toes too.