Friday, September 05, 2008

What Time is it? (for superflous use of italics apparently)

It is taper time!

Yeah, I can't believe that I am actually looking forward to it either. But I am so done with 4+ hour workouts and 14+ hour weeks that I think a 9 hour week is going to be a vacation. I don't even care if I get fat.

Okay, that isn't true. I don't want to get fat. . .

Kneels, crosses self like Steph would do cause she is Catholic and says prayer: Please baby Jesus don't let me get fat. . .


I only need to find 10% more and, well, a coaster . . .
But more importantly, I need more beer. . . Hang on.

Okay, all better.

Anyway, I think I can do it, but ask me if I wanna first.


Definitely not.

, mostly I want to know who in the hell thought up that running 13.1 miles after cycling 56 miles was a good idea? And why do all these other nut jobs (self included) pay (!) money to do such an event?

Oh. Never mind about the whack job that thought a marathon after 112 miles on the bike and swimming 2.4 miles might be a good idea . I can think of no other way to ruin a marathon than by cycling for 112 miles before it. Totally flies in the face of good sense.

But, you know, hats of to those that get their rocks off that way. I'm just here to tell you that doing that thing, you know riding your bike for a several hours before running, totally ruins the running part.

Just to be clear.

I think riding your bike is tres fun. I even think riding your bike for 100 miles is tres fun. But then running afterwards? Yeah, no. Not so much fun. And me? I think running marathons IS fun. But no. Not after riding a bike. Definitely not then.


Oh, the swim?

Yeah, whatever. The swim is fine. Well . .. No. Wait. I've gotta complaint about that too.

It totally sucks to ride your bike all wet! It is just awful! See, if I were the one who thought up triathlon it would have gone like this: run (that's the best part but only if you do it first), then go ride your bike, then swim. Cause a swim after you are all hot and dirty and it is hot as crap outside? Now that sounds down right nice. Totally makes sense. You know. It would be like a bath. Who takes a bath and then goes and gets all dirty and sweaty running and riding their bike?

Right right right right.

Okay. Yes. I have been known to shower before races, swim meets and bike rides etc. Whatever. I like to be clean. It is called hygiene. Ever heard of if? It is cool. And I pass by some people who should definitely try it out. We need to get the word out now on this. Forget going green. Go Clean! Can we get that on the political ballot? McCain? Obama? Who cares! Vote for being clean!

Sorry. My soap box.

Anyway. Swimming . . .I mean, anyone who has ever been on swim team can attest to how much morning practices suuuuuuuck. How you hide under your towel and pray that the water won't be ridiculously cold and terrible. . . You know after you spent an hour fixing your hair. . .

Why the bitching and moaning?
I did my mega workout (term borrowed from Reger. Not sure if it is trademarked or not). And can I tell you that while I was doing said mega workout I was totally sad that I have a WHOLE month to freak out about having to do it for even longer! Uhhhhhhh. It is going to be so much harder! Kill me know. I seriously almost started crying on my run. And I am not a crier. Well, unless really pissed off and, I was kinda pissed off--- but I was more sad because this was so much harder than I thought it would be.


I'm disappointed.

I should have gone a little longer on the run. But my run sucked (!) so hard that I could barely do what I set out to run.

So here it is:

1.1 mile swim: Completely and totally lovely. I wanted to make out with the chlorine I loved swimming so much today. Came in at 33 minutes for an average of 1:39/100yd. Nothing spectacular but it was easy peasy.

52.14 miles in 3 hours and 6 minutes. Bike was good. Fun even.

9.83 in 1 hour and 23 minutes. An excruciating 9.83 miles. I had to stop at Lala's around 6 miles for more water and coke because I was about to spontaneously combust because I was so freaking unbelievably hot. I will seriously die if it is that hot at South Carolina Half . I, might, even quit. I can totally see myself ducking off the course to go find air conditioning and hiding in there for awhile. I swear it felt like it was 100 degrees on my run. I was a little let down to find it was only 87. I've run in 87 degrees before but today felt way hotter. It was terrible. Feel sad for me on your cold insides.

Beer is making it all better. So is talking about it. Sorry if it was boring. Wes. Pookie. Colby. Deal.


  1. Just wanted to beat everyone else to the punch ;)

  2. Ouch! I have my mega workout scheduled for tomorrow. I am planning on hitting the comet the moment the sun comes up.

    Its hard to believe there is only three weeks to the big day

  3. That whole swim and bike thing is just a warm up for the run :-) And they say in an Ironman that the real run doesn't begin until mile 20, not that I would know anything about that!

    I'm glad somebody is still getting to drink beer....

  4. If not for the obvious reason, I would call you crazy.

    I am gonna run pavement in the AM, I hope.

    Cross your fingers...

  5. Well, it wasn't boring for me! And, my mom has come thru on the babysitting for race day so that is good news.

    And, I'm NOT DOING a mega workout. So there.

  6. omg I about busted a gut reading this!