Thursday, December 11, 2008

On the Vomit Line

I know I have been remiss about updating my blog.

Partly to blame is my darn Face book addiction but mostly because Christmas has had me consumed. But I finished my shopping today! So hopefully I will have more time to update tomorrow or this weekend.

On the running front I am running my first ever 5k this weekend. I am very excited about it and keeping telling myself that I am only going to feel terrible for about 22 minutes--hopefully less. I think I should be able to deal with that since I sucked it up for six hours in the South Carolina half iron man.

See, I knew sticking it out in that race would help me some how. Now I just ask myself when feeling bad in a race/workout, "Do I feel worse than I felt at SC Half?" No?
Then I'm good! Carry on!

My previous feeling worse bench marks were my 42 hr labor with Carmella, when I broke my pelvis and the near heat stroke I suffered in Ga ING marathon in 2007. So I think I should be okay for a 5k.

My plan is to run on the vomit line. Meaning, if I don't feel like throwing up then clearly I am not running hard enough. I've been practicing 5k's on the treadmill. It is flat on the treadmill and this race isnt but on the treadmill I am typically between 21-22 minutes. Hoping for a sub 6:50 pace. We'll see. I definitely have a hard time forcing myself to do things that don't feel good. Oh, sure. I know what you are thinking. But really, marathons and long distance are less painful for me than a short, fast and hard run. I seriously can run forever at an easy pace but running fast is something I really don't like because I feel so uncomfortable. Admittedly, I don't like to be uncomfortable and I just don't appreciate the vomit feeling the way I think some people do.

In other news I have also targeted my next marathon. Plan is to toe the line January 17th at The Museum of Aviation Marathon in Warner Robbins, GA. This is more a I'll-train-and-if-that-goes-well-I-will-sign-up-for-the race-in-the-taper sort of plan. Nothing definite yet.

More later . . .


  1. please clarify that your pelvis was not broken DURING labor with Carmella.

  2. LOL. Sorry. Pelvis was broken at 18 in car accident. Dr said my hips may not spread during childbirth --I managed to squeak by without a c-sect but I do have very long labors that need some assistance.Lucky though I also have small babies.

  3. Unlike labor with Carmella, your 5K is going to be over before you have time to be annoyed by it. You will spend more time preparing for it, driving to it, and waiting at the start than you will spend running it. That is why I will never run one...

    Meanwhile, I see no reason you can't run it well under sub 21:00. Just go out too fast like you always do. By the time you realize your pace, the race will be half over.

  4. REALLY?! Are there people out there who appreciate that near vomit feeling? If I am toeing that line, I have gone over the edge. I want to go faster but not so much that I will hurl. If I barf, the race is over.

  5. LOL... A 5K is a short period of intense pain. Half Iron is a long period of dull pain. Pick your poison :-)

  6. I remember reading that a marathon's pain is like walking on hot goals, and a 5k's pain is like snuffing out a lighted match with your finger, which is short, intense and painful.