Friday, December 05, 2008

Thanksgiving Pictures for Harriett

As requested pictures from Thanksgiving for Auntie Harriett.

Dinner was at Lala's and the crowd this year was relatively small: Me, Ryan, Carmella, Beau, Justin, Pam, Duncan, Miranda, Bubbles and Poppy and of course, our hosts; Pop and Lala. Pookie and The Mainstay went to Statesboro to have dinner with Mainstay's parents. Meme and Pat and little Pat ditched us to go to ShuShu's Meme's mom). Boo and Betsy snubbed us and hid out in their house next door; lying about their trip to Hickory, NC to have dinner with Ray, Bob and Isabella. Claiming to be sick or some nonsense. Everyone all caught up now?

Lala set her table: The woman has so much china and silver yet only uses it once a year. And she told Poppy "no dish washing" this year as SHE wanted to wash her grandmother's china and silver all by herself. I have no idea what that was about but I think it is a clear sign that she is definitely losing her mind. In fact, I am going to have to go see if she is eating that cadmium yellow or if it is just all those toxic paint fumes have finally had their way with her good sense because no one ever refuses Poppy's offer of hand dish washing the china and silver. Of course, I will not be going anywhere near her house until she has met her deadline with Mr. Timothy and "turned in" all her paintings. Work hard Lala! That deadline is fast approaching!

Prior to dinner Carmella and Beau had rehearsed a performance. As I was privy to the rehearsals I was not too optimistic about how the performance would go. There was lots of artistic differences and much quibbling over parts the two days prior to Thanksgiving.

And as predicted only Carmella actually performed.
She read a few poems and sang a song.
The boys just peaked out from behind the curtains.

Miranda, like the rest of us just watched and hoped it wouldn't lag on forever.

Next there was running and playing out in the "marrying meadow".
I was not too happy about the long walk in my heels down to the meadow. Little sore from the marathon a few hours earlier-- locked leg syndrome setting in.

Then I held my breath waiting for a fight to break out when Duncan got on Beau's old bee bike.
Beau is not happy about handing down the bee bike to Duncan and is still very attached. But all was okay.

Next was some traditional climbing up the fireplace rocks.

And Beau built a "fortress with lasers" in the middle of the walk way. I kept hoping Duncan would knock it over because that is what Beau use to do to Carmella when she built princess castles with the blocks.

Adults mostly stood around, drank and ate cheese and waited forever for the turkey to be done.

And finally it was.

And Miranda got a drumstick.

And Beau got the other.

And thus ends Thanksgiving dinner. Thanks Lala and Pop for having us!


  1. thanks Nat - Harriet will enjoy looking I think. No I haven't lost my mind. My dish washing is just about my little way of connecting with Momma and Ebie on Thanksgiving. Lala

  2. Lala,
    It all looked beautiful. Sorry we missed it. Good luck getting ready for your show!

  3. I think Duncan did knock down Beau's fort, actually. And why is it that my children as babies look like they have little brown noses? (not so much Evan, but Duncan and P Bear?)

  4. I love all the names of your family members! Lala, your table setting is beautiful!!!

  5. Cute kids, looks like you guys had a fun Thanksgiving!