Monday, February 09, 2009

Hope this tides you over while my brain tries to come up with something witty and genius to write.

To say the least you might be waiting for awhile.

So definitely do not hold your breath.

Well, unless you like to or(unlike me) are swimming a lot lately. . .

Yeah, I don't know what is up with me lately.

Totally uninspired.

I have had a quite a few ideas for blog posts but I just haven't been motivated to sit down and write them. They kinda die out in my brain. My thinking is that if I am bored by them before writing them then you would probably be even more bored reading them.

But since it has been awhile since my last lame post I'll pen a quick one that I was thinking about yesterday after I drove home from my most delicious bike ride with Steph.

Since the USATF dropped their ban on ipods and you can now rock out legally in a road race (assuming the race doesn't ban them for some lame ass reason) to your heart's desire. And as I have said before: I like having a sound track . . . so here is my list of songs that I like to hear in that final 10k of a marathon.

They are my pick me up and kick it in when I am done, down and in the valley of fatigue.

They get my go-jo going.

But, just so you know, I do not try to plan out my playlist ahead of time. Instead I just make a playlist that is 4+ hours long and hit shuffle and go for it. So I don't always get to hear these songs. So it is an extra boost when they show up in that final 10k.

Sorry if the links look crazy. I wanted you to be able to hear the song in case you were not familiar and cared to have a listen.

Closer to Fine by the Indigo Girls And the best thing you've ever done for me was help me take my life less seriously/It's only life after all . . . the closer I am to fine!!!!!!

Jump Around by House of Pain
I ain't going out like no punk (bitch!) . . . I'm coming to get ya!

The Sikbed of Cuchulainn by The Pogues
No particular lyric I just like hearing Shane McGowan scream in my ear. The ghosts are rattling at the door and the devil's in the chair . . .

Cecilia by Simon and Garfunkel because every time I hear this song I want to get up and dance. And because they say "pick it up pick it up" at the end.

Kissing Families by Silversun Pickups

Soon you'll be there too . . .spent too much time now on paths sideways/everything that is connected and beautiful/and now i know just where i stand/thank god it's over....

The Act we Act by Sugar

Hours slipping by as you watch/ The worlds collide/Now you’re nothing more/Than another passerby . . .

The Waiting Room by Fugazi.
Just helps me trudge methodically up those last hills.

Breathe by Prodigy.

I like the sound of the whip. I imagine it smacking my slow ass.

Lucretia(My Reflection) by Sisters of Mercy.

Again, the sound of the whip, the fear of the hot metal and Methodrine and the empire falling apart-- who wouldn't want to run faster knowing that was going on?

A Daisy Chain for Satan by My Life with the Thrill Kill Cult.

Okay this song is a little embarrassing but you listen to it not want to run faster just in hopes of getting away from it.
Plus it says "Give me a drink! I need a drink now!" And seriously, who doesn't need a drink at the end of a marathon?
Also, who doesn't wish they were the white rabbit and could just fall down a hole and end up somewhere else in that final 10K?

Hung up by Madonna Time goes by so slowly . . . those who run seem to have all the fun . . .

See You Again by Miley Cyrus.

Shut. Up.

What can I say?

My inner 13 year old lives a little too strongly in me still.

Because, you know, "I have a heart that will never be tamed". And, "the last time I freaked out"? Well, "I just kept looking down" and ran like hell. And just so you know-- the next time we hang out--me and the marathon--I will redeem myself.

Okay and in other news . . . I "ran" with my kids today. They did 2.25 miles on a hilly local trail at a 12:39 pace. We ran the down hills, flats and walked the uphills. And yes, I am still training for the Ga ING marathon.

And as Beau says of late: Peace out dude! It is all about Elvis.

Whatever that means. . .


  1. Sounds like an interesting playlist. I hate to admit it too that I like a couple of Miley Cyrus songs. Especially the techno remixes

  2. which reminds me to make a disc of the Miley songs in my itunes library for Carmella's ipod. I only wish that would take them off my music library. How do you get stuff out of there anyway? Lala

  3. I have a disc for her with 15 song's on it. lala

  4. So you dropped a button in the plate and spewed up in the church.

    I like Miley Cyrus too. I sing along in spite of myself.

  5. Your blog rocks. How weird - I'm always quoting the Indigo Girls "it's only life after all" when things get crazy. lol. I'm stalking Boston 2010 too. Hope I get there. In the meantime, keep laughing...

  6. Great songs... you've definitely given me some ideas to add to my playlists. Thanks for putting this out here on the internets.