Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Poodles Eating Noodles

That's the password.

To the Pokey Puppy Club.

But before you rush out and sign up for Carmella's latest club you might want to know what all is involved. Not that I know everything but I have been privy to a few of the secret club on-goings since they meet in my backyard.

The Pokey Puppy Club is completely separate from the Super Club (previously The Cuddle Club). Best I can figure is that the Pokey Puppy Club arose because- back in the fall when we use to walk to school and all the neighborhood kids would join us- I would yell at them they were a bunch of pokey puppies because they walked so freaking slow.

Carmella is the leader of this club. Before every meeting she makes them do a "daily warm-up". This involves some stretching, some jumping jacks, and 20 pumps on the swings and a little running. I am thinking in another year or so she will be running her own kid's boot camp after school in the back yard.

I think the idea behind the daily warm up is to get the Pokey Puppies in shape so they won't be so pokey anymore.

Beau hates the daily warm up and pretty much gets kicked out of the club for not completing all his assignments. Carmella then tells him he can't be in the club. Beau then dissolves into tears for being ousted from the Pokey Puppy Club and comes crying to me. Having none of the squabbles I am forced to intervene and get off Face Book and yell out the back door that EVERYONE IS ALLOWED IN THE POKEY PUPPY CLUB!

There is also restitution for getting in trouble at school or with your parents or on the playdate. You have to go to the Principal's Office--which is the tower part of the kids' playset-- and have a 10-15 minute time out from the other club activities. Most times whoever has been sent to the Principal's Office comes crying to me and I will have to yet again get off Face Book and yell out the back door that EVERYONE IS ALLOWED IN THE POKEY PUPPY CLUB!

Most of these activities--at least from what I have observed when taking a Face Book break-- is running a muck throughout the yard and house, taunting Lola, playing hide and seek and jumping on the trampoline.

But there is one secret ritual that I have heard spoken about but don't really know all the ends and outs and exactly what happens during it.

It is called the Wishing Deer Circle.

I know.

It totally sounds very paganesque and Stonehenge-like.

The Wishing Deer I have figured out is Ryan's bow target (I know! Could we be anymore redneck? Trampoline? Fake deer target?).

And I think they all stand around the deer and say their wishes.

But I'm not sure.

There is to be a meeting of the Pokey Puppy Club this afternoon so I will try to spy and find out exactly what goes down and report back with any interesting findings.

Which you know this means that this is probably the only post regarding the Pokey Puppy Club.


  1. where did that cute black puppy come from that Carmella is holding? I really don't think you got a second dog did you?

  2. That's Diesel, the neighbor's puppy that escapes and comes over here. It is a lab/mountain dog mix. It is really cute.

  3. So THAT is why you haven't joined NAMC were holding out for the Pokey Puppy Club. I mean how could we compete with a trampoline and fake deer? :)

  4. you're not a redneck until the explorer is sitting on cinder blocks in the front yard.

  5. I want to know about this wishing deer thing! your blog read like a mystery drama today! haa.haaa!!!!!


  6. Maybe they are wishing that no more deer are killed? This post had me laughing out loud, like you, I hate when I have to leave FB to referee the squabbles...

  7. I agree that Mountain dog as you call it Nat, is really a good looking dog.

  8. Pop and I saw a HUGE deer at the Greenway with enormous horns-I've never seen one that big before, I guess they are antlers. I'm planning on keeping an eye out on when he sheds those things. I could make a marvelous chandelier. Ryan-stay away with your gun.

  9. step it up, lady! I'm bored...

  10. Get off FB and blog!!!!

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