Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Twisted Ankle Rewards

This is a bit of a treatise on my ankles. But there will be shoe porn for your patience . . .

I hate to say I have weak ankles--because you always hear girls claiming that (or weak knees as to why they can't run or do something) And, in general, I hate to lay claim to any sort of weakness: but I have to think that maybe I really do have weak ankles.

When I was on the gymnastic team in high school I was constantly twisting, rolling and spraining my ankles. I think part of this was because-- unlike the other girls on my team-- I had no gymnastic training.

I know you are thinking why would one go out for the gymnastic team if they had no prior gymnastic training but my friend said "Hey Nat! Let's try out for the gymnastics team!" I told her "Absolutely not!" Explaining that I didn't know how "to do" gymnastics; that I had never had lessons. She countered with "but you can do flips and splits! You can totally do gymnastics!"

Always the hard sell I tried out.

Definitely B team bound. I spent those two years on the team with taped ankles and shins (apparently front flips give you shin splints). And even though I was far from the best on the team I did do okay and did really enjoy it.

Hmmm, not so unlike running. . .

The first 2 years after I started running I struggled alternately with shin splints and bruised ankles from rolling them so much when I ran. One time I even had to get a ride home cause a guy saw me fall from rolling my ankle and insisted I not try to run home. That time was a really bad one: my foot turned black and blue along the outside. I just taped it up and kept running since it didn't really hurt so long as I kept my ankle straight.

And I am sure it didn't help that the jobs I had back then were either spent as a waitress or in a bookstore. Jobs that required me to be on my feet constantly for 8-some days 15 hours (stupid doubles). In fact, recently when Steph was detailing her symptoms from plantar fasicitis--it all sounded so familiar--and I realized that I had also had that for years (but not anymore). I do prefer to think it was more from wearing high heels to work instead of from running. Running is great for you! Wearing high heels for 8 hours is not (though it does make your legs look pretty and again, you get to be tall.)

I am certain, without having confirmation from a doctor, that my ongoing calf problems are all probably related to those early weaknesses. But whatever, you work with what you have and I work, er, run through the weakness. (I keep thinking if I ignore them they aren't really real.) The way I see it is: if it isn't one thing it is something else hindering me. Might as well suck it up.

At any rate, needless to say, the Twisted Marathon has me shaking a bit in my running shoes and for more than just poor ankles. But I am optimistic in that--so far--during the past 2 years I've been doing some trail running I have not rolled my ankles. In fact, last time I sprained my ankle it was from wearing high heels and tripping on the stairs. However running through the sprain certainly didn't do me any favors. . . But that was 5 years ago. I am sure it is better.

I have to think--with all that trail running, yoga and just running my ankles ARE stronger. And my reward--assuming I survive the twists, turns and hills of the Twisted Ankle course on Saturday is getting to wear my new shoes.

I purchased these shoes over the past 2 months but haven't worn them yet (well except one pair) because I haven't wanted to injury myself before any of my recent marathons while wearing them. But I think --again assuming I don't actually break an ankle (obviously I can preserve through little old sprains and twists)--getting to finally wear my new shoes will be the most perfect reward ever! In fact, when I am in those sad dark places of the marathon where doubt, quitting, and just plain wanting to be shot for ever thinking running 26.2 miles is a good idea I will think about all my new shoes and how cute they will look with my outfits. ( you should imagine clapping after you read that sentence). mmmmm, shoes. . .

And, yes, of course I have pictures. Bring on the shoe porn! And yes, I put them on a cake plate because I think they are that delicious.

You should also know that the price range for these were only $18.00-$34.00 because I either bought them on Ebay (new not used) or found them on super duper clearance and my size was the last pair. Price includes shipping! But they aren't expensive shoes anyway. I would never pay $600.00 for a pair of shoes even if I could afford to--considering how destructive I am.

Sam and Libby's that I have worn once but only for a few hours. They are really comfortable.

These are just so cute I am dying to wear them! I have had them the longest--since the beginning of March at least.

I bought these to go with a dress I am wearing to wedding next weekend but have found that they actually go with a lot of dresses and will look cute with jeans too. But I am being good and waiting.
And these. These are the newest. I bought them off eBay a few weeks ago. I got them super cheap and they were originally sold in the Victoria Secret catalog for over $100. I couldn't even find the pink one for sale on the Internet anywhere though I did find brown and red in case you are interested but still for a lot more than I paid.

Quite honestly I haven't worn these yet because they really are just an ankle accident waiting to happen. Carmella calls them my "dangerous shoes". Ryan laughs and doesn't believe me that I am actually going to wear them. But I am! And I can't wait! Ta da!!!


  1. That last pair is so hot that it would be worth it to roll your ankle just to be seen in those :)

  2. I totally love them all! Those are all so cute. You've made me want new shoes!

    Good luck with Twisted Ankle.

  3. Those are so cute - My favs are the second pair!!!! You should wear those when you come to visit Alexis in the hospital. She will love them. ;)


  4. I like the ones with the bows. I hope that you don't twist your ankle in the race or in your fancy shoes.

    That last pair (and maybe it's the way you posed them facing inward like the schoolgirls in the teeny skirts that show their bum that you see in men's magazines), I don't know about those.

  5. I love the gold ones! I'm laughing about why they are on a dinner plate?!

    Good luck at twisted ankle. Off to check the website.

  6. Oooooo - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the shoes! Best of luck to you on your race!

  7. awesome shoes, lady. Good luck with the race!