Thursday, May 07, 2009

Letter people

It is almost time for the annual Kindergarten tradition (at least at my kids' school) of the Letter Person Parade.

Carmella, was Miss I. See pictures and details here. I had much less trouble conceiving the idea for that costume than I did for Beau's.

There are only 2 rules to letter people costumes:
1. Store bought costumes are discouraged.
2. No bulky costumes, poster board or boxes, PLEASE! Your child must be able to walk an sit in the costume as well as parade through the halls. Please keep your child's comfort and safety in mind when creating the costume.

I find rule number slightly obnoxious because I have never seen a store made letter person costume. And believe me, if could find one, I would buy one. The one thing that I really don't like about Kindergarten is all the homework that I have to do--no matter how cute the result.

When I got Beau's letter person assignment I was less than thrilled. And when I read the poem I thought for sure that his teacher was purposely trying to be ironic and funny at Beau's and I's expense:

Poor Quiet Q
Has nothing to do
He just hangs around
Not making a sound.

Really? Beau? Quiet? With nothing to do? Bwhahahaha.

So when I was at the school the other day for centers I kind of politely complained; saying I was having a hard time being creative with the letter Q. His teacher immediately informed me that Beau insisted on being Mr. Q. Generally she doesn't let the kids have any say in which letter person they get to be but Beau was so adamant about being Mr. Q she let him--I think partly because of the irony factor. Even Beau's speech teacher and another school employee made a comment to me about how funny it is that Beau is Mr.Q. Word has, apparently, spread.


The kid has a reputation and he is only in kindergarten.

I did ask Beau why he wanted to be Mr.Q and he just said because Mr. Q is "cool" but I suspect that there is some other reason and it will reveal itself soon enough.

I made the costume last night and Beau begged to wear it to school today. He even tried to negotiate " okay, just the hat". And then requested that I also make him a cane with a "Q" shaped handle and some "Q" shaped glasses (which maybe I will do that).

I went ahead and sent it in though. I obviously can't have it hanging around here for week because otherwise I will be spending the next 7 days making accessories for Mr.Q's outfit when clearly I need to remain focused on freaking out about the Twisted Ankle marathon next weekend.


  1. At Matthew' school, the letter Q married the letter P. It was quite cute. Matthew was dancing with a dashing brunette :-)

  2. Wes do you mean married Miss U? We had that wedding a month ago. Beau insisted on wearing a tie to school for it. Now I am wondering which little girl is Miss U. He did admit a crush to me the other day . .

  3. You are so creative!! I'm sure I would have been doing something very last minute - kinda like "H's" mom from Carmella's class. LOL.

  4. holy cow I'm thanking my lucky starts my kids don't go to your kids' school. I'm so uncreative. I'd pray my kid would be "I"

  5. All I keep hearing in my head is the "I" song from Sesame Street

    We all live in a Capitol I
    In the middle of the desert
    Reaching high up in the sky

    Capitol I, Capitol I