Monday, April 03, 2006


An hour ago I was awakened by the warning sirens. The only time I ever hear these sirens is on seemingly random Wednesday afternoons that are sunny and they are testing the warning sirens. This use to freak me out because the first time I heard them was a month after 9/11. Now I am use to them.

Last night we had thunderstorms and once I realized what the racket was and what it could mean I went and got the kids and dragged them downstairs to the basement stairwell.

Neither wanted to be wakened, especially Carmella, and she balked at getting out of bed. I explained, "The sirens. Don't you hear them Carmella? They are warning us of tornados. Now go downstairs and sit on the stairs." I demanded.

Once I got everyone up and felt the threat was not so dire I corralled them in the playroom and turned on the TV. The sirens had stopped, the rain had stopped and all I could find on the news was a warning for severe thunderstorms and a tornado watch. So I put on Arthur and left the kids laying on the couch; hypnotized in their morning TV stupor.

Carmella just came upstairs and asked me:

"Mommy, do I still have to stay downstairs because of the potatoes? I really need to use the bathroom."

"No, honey, the potato threat is over. Go potty."

Guess I would have been pissed too if got woken up for potatoes.

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