Monday, February 05, 2007


I know I have mentioned in various posts that I have a group of friends and we call ourselves the Losers. The "core" Losers are the 6 pack but really anyone can be a Loser.
All that needs to happen is that around a big holiday--like say Christmas or New Years-- you find that you have been invited to no parties. You are then eligible to come to one of our Loser parties. Please keep in mind that this is not a case of shopping around for a better offer. If you have the luxury of shopping then you are not a Loser. To attend the Loser party the Loser party must be the only offer on your table.

Calling ourselves Losers has not been problematic until recently when Carmella ran past me and Bubbles (my mother-in-law) and called out: "See you losers later!"
I thought it was funny.
Bubbles did not.
And I do realize I am doing my child a disservice since she will probably go to school and call one of her classmates a loser and they won't know that this is a term of endearment and Carmella will have to go to the Principal's office and I'll get called in for a meeting to discuss my daughter's vulgar language choices. And it really will be all my fault--sure I'll blame TV but I'll know better. Sheesh. I told you this parenting gig was hard!

The other Losers have been bugging me about pictures. I have a couple cute ones of the kids but not really any great Loser or 6 pack pictures from all our parties. I guess I am not so much a loser at the Loser parties as it would appear that I am too busy to be snapping pictures. Or maybe I don't want a gazillion pictures of you Losers. Whatever. Here's what I got:

Summer Loser gathering. This party actually never moved out of the driveway and garage. Funny how even if you are in neighborhood with $500k homes it is still redneck to sit in the front lawn and drink beer in folding chairs.
Little losers on my bed at a recent gathering of the Losers.

Little Losers at Christmas:
The "core" Losers at Christmas:

I can't tell you how many pictures I have of this cock-eyed Loser. Not sure exactly why I have so many but probably because he is usually the first to pass out and it is funny that he does it on the couch where we are still hanging out. I decided to just pick one and lucky for him I chose one where he is not sleeping or drooling or looking too lecherous.

Okay, I know you really just want to see the kids and don't care about us Losers so here you go:


  1. At our house, our Losers are called the Usual Suspects - you know the ones that can be depended on to show up at any function and have a good time.

  2. Oh, we are total losers, too. BTW, I hate that you also call the core the 6-pack, or is that the younger generation of losers? Anyway, it reminds me of high school when Leigh, VA, Becking, stacy, nikki, and Kim, i think? called themselves The 6 Pack. I know there were tons of us who gagged every time we heard it. (If any of you are reading this, I love you anyway, despite your silly high school clique!)

  3. Huh, I didn't know they (or anyone else) called themselves the 6 pack--but I really didn't pay attention too much in High School so I can see how I might have missed that. I can see the gag factor there though. We are more the 6-pack refering more to what we each drink and what our waists, therefore, are not than about being cliquey. As you can tell from the pictures "cool" and "exculsive" are not terms to describe us.

    Steph we may have to switch to usual suspects since that is more appropriate for a 6 year old to say than either 6-pack or loser.

    My mother in law wants us to call ourselves the "winner's circle."