Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Mid Week Update

I will be out of town this weekend and I have some time now to do my tri training update.

Sunday: Road Virgin 20 mile bike ride (13+ mph). And then 3 400's at a very leisurely pace ( with huge intervals in between them). Not counting this in the week's tally.

Monday: Treadmill workout: 6 miles in 44:11. Walked it out til I hit 50 minutes. I forgot how far that was. Got in the pool and swam for just over 30 minutes. I assume it was a mile. I don't count the laps anymore so it could be a little less or a little more than a mile. In the past when I've counted I always hit a mile around 30 minutes so I don't bother to count.

Greenway Trail ride. 24 miles at a 16.2 mph--just under an hour 30.I rode in the big sprocket which I hear makes you faster but it is harder. I was faster but not that much and it was flat so it was not all that hard. I think Lance is great. Now that I am figuring out the gears it isn't so tough.

In the afternoon I swam for 35 minutes-- so a mile and a little more. I did swim harder but again I didn't count the laps--just a continuous swim.

Wednesday: So the kids are at camp this week and next. I drop them both off at 9:30 and I get Beau at 2 and Carmella at 4. So today my plan was to park at Big Peach Running Company and run from there for about 3 hours. By the time I got there it was already 81 degrees. I headed out and took it slow. Ran through Indian Hills and felt pretty good but Old Canton was my undoing. I hate that road and it just isn't that hard. I had stop every once in awhile just to walk, stop my head from spinning, drink some water (I bought some at QT around 6 miles and kept and sipped it). The heat makes me feel like I am dragging a tire. At the 11 mile mark I realized I was 3 miles from home and the shortest way back to Big Peach was 6 or 7 miles. I made an impulse decision and I headed home. I downed a glass of OJ, changed into skirt (yes, I bike in skirt, it is comfy) grabbed Lance and rode back to Big Peach to get my car and then to get Beau.

Run: 14 miles in 2 hours and change.
Bike: About 12 miles--Garmin's GPS didn't pick the first mile and half so I restarted. The 10.5 was at a 14.5 mph. I got a lot of cat calls today--"Go Bike Girl!" and "Keep Riding!" and then just some hoots and hollers. And let me just be the first to say that riding on Johnson Ferry is scary. I ended up riding on the side walk.

It was in the 90's when I finished--at least that is what my car said.

I never got to eat lunch today as I had a bunch of errands to do after I got Beau and then it was time to get Carmella and then I still had more errands to do. I was hungry but it went away and now I am just tired. I am having a Sol and waiting for dinner to finish cooking--baked potato, grilled New York strip, a HUGE salad and, of course, wine. All well deserved.

So my plan for tomorrow is either a 6 or 10 mile recovery (read slow) run in the am and then a mile swim in the pm. Friday will be either a 6 or 10 mile run-- depending on what I do Thursday. Saturday is probably a day off since I will be in travel but I may be able to sneak a short workout in--either bike or run. Going to Statesboro for Pookie's engagement party and then Tybee on Sunday with sister and pals. Ryan can't go because he has to work so I am kidless and husbandless and I am going with Fishstick. Good times and giggles abound for sure. I might bring Lance since Wes (Pookie's fiance) is bringing his bike and his bike buddies will be there so I might see if they go ride if they will let slowpoke me tag along (these guys are Crit guys who regularly race at 35 mph). I am hoping their hungover asses will be slow enough I don't get dropped.

Current totals for the week:
Bike: 56 miles
Run: 20 miles
Swim: 2 miles

I'd like to get the run to 40+ miles and get in another swim workout. I am enjoying the bike so it would be nice if I could find the time for another ride but I doubt I can swing it.

Okay, I'm tired. I need to go eat something.


  1. How did she get to be "Fishstick"? I must have blocked something out because I really can't remember! ya know she really does look like Jessica Simpson!

  2. Great work! Keep it up! You'll have a great first tri! The heat's been getting to me too.

  3. Yay for figuring out the bike! If you are riding near Johnson Ferry head on down to the river. There's an 8 mile loop there or so that is all bike lane by the side of residential roads.

  4. Great riding/running this week! It was really hot yesterday.

  5. Dear Anon
    Fishstick is Fishstick because when we went to Destin one year Pookie, Jenny and I shared a room and Justin, Scott and Brent shared a room. Jenny decided we should have code names so that the boys couldn't try to impersonate us and get in our room. I being 16 and Brent being my boyfriend I was like uhm yeah, whatever, I kinda want the boys to get in my room but you do what you want. She said well, I am going to be Fishstick. And Sarah said I want to be French Fry. And I said I'll just be Nat. This was also the trip that Fishstick stole all mine and Brent's clothes and put them in her suit case but got busted when she asked Brent to help close her suitcase because it was so packed. It is also the trip that she found a dead fish on the beach and ran around Sandestin terrorizing old people with it. Hopefully this weekend she won't make me have a code name and won't pick up dead fish but then again, I could be up for all that much more than when I was 16.

    Thanks Joe.
    The heat really slows me down. It is humbling but come fall when the cooler weather gets here I usually discover some new found speed. I'm getting old though so at some point the speed increases will stop I suppose. I have to assume that there is a ceiling.

    Are you talking about Columns Drive or Riverside in Roswell? I am thinking I want to try out Riverside and head into Martin's Landing (bike lanes in there). I find Columns boring--atleast for running. The hills definitely slow me down but they are more fun (not for running though).

    Steph-Thanks. It was super hot yesterday. But it is like 10-15 degrees cooler on the bike than how you feel running which is why I opted out of the run for the bike.

  6. Hey Nat

    You never know what will happen when you are with a wild and crazy woman.....

    See ya Sat! Love ya!
    Fishstick ;)

  7. Ah yes-that summer-I absolutely blocked that summer out. Can't imagine Pop and I thinking a vacation meant all of our kids bringing friends †o the Beach. Now poor us has to go on trips all alone. Wait - what am i thinking? Seems like any beach trip for the last 5 years has been kind of the same. only adding a few rugrats tø the mix.
    love, Lala

  8. Excellent training!! Hey, on the bike with the big ring... it's a GREAT way to train and build strength to ride in the big ring... one thing to keep in mind though is that your legs are really working in this ring and that on race day, you want to work with an easy spin and a high mashing... so that you preserve your legs for the run. I shoot for 90+ RPMs (count how many times your knee pops up in a minute - should be 90 or more) and I choose a gear that's just easy enough that I don't feel like my legs are straining. The real Lance rides like this - super high cadence - and it's certainly paid off for him!

    Great job!!!