Thursday, June 07, 2007

My Disease: It is Genetic

Quickie post.

Dinner is almost done: Shrimp in a lemon Parmesan pesto sauce with capers, Vidalia onions and grape tomatoes over cheese stuffed tortellini. Salad and bread and the obligatory wine to go with it. Again, all well deserved. And, this is why I never loose weight not matter what I do. I can eat like a bird all day but come dinner? I dine. I eat big.

Thursday's workout: Little over 7 miles in an hour and 2 minutes. Holy crap it was hot. I took the hills out of the equation and went down to the river in Roswell to run. Nice breeze but it was rough. Man I hate the heat and as anyone who was reading this past winter when I trained-- I hate the cold too. I want it to be perfect. All the time. It is that princessness.

After the run, I hopped on the bike and rode to Wileo or Little Wileo or whatever that road is that ends past the nature center and rode back and out to the end of Riverside-- or whatever the road is that backs up to Martin's Landing. All relatively flat with bike lanes, nice. I think is was 12 miles maybe 14, I don't remember now. I do remember it was a 14.8mph pace. So a decent workout. I skipped the swim but I fought myself on going all day. If I keep pushing I get all tired and bitchy. It is hard to say when enough is enough. For some reason it just doesn't feel like a workout unless I am dead at the end of the day. I am telling you, marathon training messes with you. It is seriously hard to cut back and accept it once you push yourself like that. I know that makes perfect sense to some and to others I am "that crazy running girl."

Found out today that in some circles that is what I am called. Best friend's husband went to a party and the women there called me "that crazy running girl." Not sure what I did exactly to earn this title but I am not offended--I've been called much, much worse by women and besides I have long known I was a little crazy. There is a reason why some friends call me "Nutalie."

See, I figure it must be genetic. My other friend tells a story about how she use to go to aerobics with my mom and on the way home my mom would say "Well, I guess I'll go for a run for an hour."

And now, the kids. They've got it too. I can tell, even though they are only 4 (well almost) and 6. Beau is at camp for 4 1/2 hours and Carmella is there for 6 1/2 hours. At this camp they are go go go all day. They swim, hike, ride horses, play games, have relays, do art/crafts etc. There is no down time, no nap time. They walk everywhere. It is awesome. You'd think it would wear their asses out. And it did Beau the first day but apparently he has since acclimated.

See, my kids? They both want to know what's next when I pick them up:
Can we go to the pool?
Are we going to Kid's Club(the gym)?
A play date?
A hike?
The park?
What's next?

I say "home" and they whine and say "But that's boring!" The way they act you'd think that making them sit at home and play with their bazillion toys was the equivalent of making them hand wash cloth diapers in the toilet. And a nap? Well, fugetaboutit.

So apparently, the gene of knowing when to say when is something those in my family are born lacking.


  1. Thanks for making me laugh, Nutalie! Just for GP, I think you rock :-) and now I have something to use in public at the opportune time. Lucky me!!

  2. You're a fantastic role model for your children...just like your parents were for you! My friends and family think I'm a running nut...nice to have the internet where I can communicate with my fellow lunatics!!

  3. HA! I've been mulling a post about how this athletic stuff ISN'T genetic for me. : ) How cool that it is for you! And, as Robison says, you are a super role model.

    Doug ran at the river yesterday too. He drank a 32 oz bottle of water after because it was so hot (today is recycling day, so that is how I know).