Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Today. Today is important.

Monumental in many ways.

Me, Nat.
Him, Ryan.


Today, we have been married for 8 years.

Probably down to the minute here.
It is 7:40ish.
Our wedding started at 7 pm.
The light, right this minute, looks the same.

But me?

I am not the same.
Probably for the better.
8 years.
This 8th year though?
Our hardest fought.
The hardest won.
Yay us!

Sigh, we are seriously weathering that "for poorer" these days. I hate it. I struggle and worry with it. But hey, we love each other-- so we are rich in the poor house . . . so we've got that, but. . .
Okay, so yeah, if someone has a job they want to offer me: I'm all ears.

Today is monumental.

Today I also rode Lance further than I have run.
28 miles on the mean and hilly streets of Marietta and Roswell. Just shy of a 15 mph pace. Getting faster.

Yesterday I ran 9 miles and swam a mile. I am planning a long run tomorrow. And I am not talking marathon training long run. I am talking summer long run which means about as long and for as far as I can handle in the heat. I need to get in a few shorter runs, a brick and another swim or 2 this week also.

Last week totals came out like this:
The run: 40 miles
The bike: 69 miles
The swim: 2 miles
And I am happy with that.

Today, I signed up for my first trithalon.

And finally, today, I downloaded the pictures from Pookie and Wes's engagement party in Statesboro.

As mentioned before, Ryan couldn't join me.

And after I told him of all the craziness that went down he wasn't so sad he couldn't make it. I am not going to go into all the details of my jam-packed weekend since these are my sister's crazy friends that I don't know very well. No need to embarrass and piss off new acquaintances.

Well, at least not yet.

Also, it is my anniversary and Ryan just got home and he wants some Nat attention.

But I will show you some of the pictures I took before the battery on my camera went out.

On the porch at the Beaver house.

Me and ABBA
Pop and Pookie
Me, Pop and Pookie. Please note how Pop is looking at his favorite child.

Wes's dad, Dr. Phd

Lala and Wes's Mom, Mrs. Dr. Phd

Pop and Lala: my parents.
Next Monday they will have been married 38 years.

Lala and Josh-- one of the groom's men. If I had had better sense I would have gotten his pants in the shot too: Brooks brothers with whales embrodiered on them.

Another groom's man.

Me and the Groom-to-be. He is practicing so we can seriously cut a rug at his wedding in September.

Pookie and Mel


Me and Pookie at The French Quarter where the after party went.
Mel, Fishstick and Pookie
Fishstick signing one of her many checks at the French Quarter bar.

This was only the beginning of what would come back to bite Fishstick in the ass the next day.
Those throwing back the shots.

And I end with a quote from what ABBA said the next morning: I got to see the show and I didn't even have to buy the tickets. I can't wait for the wedding.

Me too.


  1. Happy anniversary! I will always have you beat in the years married category :-) But you are going to kick my arse on this swim, bike, run thing! LOL. Got the rack done. Dee Dee and I are going out to the Silver Comet Trail early early Saturday morning if you want to join us. You absolutely need to save those stories for opportune moments! Hang in there, girlfriend. Life is like a marathon. It has its ups and downs, but its the journey :-)

  2. Happy Anniversary! I have you beat in the years married also. : )

    I'm glad you signed up for the race, even if you will kick my ass.

  3. Everyone is so competitive today. Sheesh.

    Wes I would love to join you and Dee Dee as I am dying to ride on the trail but I doubt I can swing the childcare and besides I really need to run if I want to get in 40 miles. If not this weekend, definitely another time.