Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Big Bike Day

Today the Mainstay and I tooled around the island on our roadies. Pretty easy ride considering I always ride Roswell that is fairly hilly and Hilton Head is pancake flat. Challenge was in navigating the beach cruisers. Highlight was, as to hear the Mainstay tell it, almost getting bit by a cobra. I definitely think it was venomous--probably a cotton mouth but definitely not a cobra and at most it would have got his tire-- or me, who was right behind the Mainstay. You know, drafting.

In more exciting news Beau agreed to take the training wheels off his bike. This was after he made me promise that if he did it I would take him to Monkey Joe's after the beach vacation.

I have to admit. I feel a bit taken. I gave him one little push and off he was pedaling down the beach. Hi! I'm Beau. And I can ride my bike without training wheels, he informed all beach goers. All those around us, having come to know Beau's name because I constantly scream it for one reason or another, also cheered him on.

However, there was a few bike tantrums. Beau really took out his frustrations on the bee bike. And everyone around us was quite entertained. And I am glad that we are able to offer beach entertainment to such complete strangers. Sorry the video was so shakey. This was probably the third such tantrum and I could barely contain my laughter as the tantrums were quite theatrical and went on for a quite awhile. I regret not getting the one where he beat the crap out of his bike with a sand bucket.

Other fun stuff we did:

4 square:
We are good.
Especially the kids:

We have caught nothing! Yet the people who fish right next to us caught a 4ft black tip shark. Not to mention of bunch of little sharks, sting rays and sunfish. Us? Nothing.

Clearly though.

We have other priorities:


  1. I just wish we could have heard the conversation between Beau and Carmella...

    Shotgunning beers? Who forgot to pack the funnel?

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  2. Looks like you guys are having a blast

  3. Beau was riding at a very fast clip for just getting off training wheels! The second video was amusing and sort of reminds me of the "Incredible Hulk" movie.

  4. Way to go Beau! Can't wait for you to return. Tell Lala I was inspired and joined a gym!!!

  5. Way to go, Beau. I especially like the feats of strength bike-throwing in the second video. : )

    Wish we were shotgunning beers with you this weekend.