Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Mainstay's New Team Photo

He's giving up the titanium and carbon and trading in his Pacesetter Steel ride for a Townie. Better look now because he'll be so blazing fast at the crits that you won't even catch a glimpse.
Note: Mainstay's preferred hydration system is Coors. His helmet is specifically designed for beach aerodynamics. And that is not a specialized jersey or socks he is wearing. We are hoping the tan works itself out by the end of the week but if not that's cool too. Sort of completes the whole look.

Also, Sarah and I really hope it is genetic. Sorry Lala but I am taking you down. You look good.
People. The woman is 58 (as of last Sunday). Also, Happy Anniversary to her and Pop. 39 years.

So, yeah. We are having a great time:


Last night was my night to cook. I made steamed mussels for an appetizer. Had never made them before so it was a bit of an experiment. But so far no one has gotten sick

I also made spicy grilled shrimp, grilled veggies, rice and an arugula and tomato salad.

Ryan made mojitos.

Also, remember how I said I was never going to say I never? Well, here is an example of yet another one of those I never's that I said would never do but have since found myself eating the crow. Nothing big. Well fashion wise yes. It was buy or wear a gold bikini. Pookie bought it for herself but it didn't workout for her. So she gave it to me. Admittedly, I do have a bit of a bikini addiction. Some girls it is shoes. Me? Jeans and bikinis. Mind you, not necessarily together.

Okay, so I need to work on my tan lines but I did have my hair all Princess Leia'd out but the swimming in the ocean undoes things.


  1. Oh man, I want whatever Lala is taking. She looks phenom!

    And I am laughing at the boys matching tan lines. Ha!

  2. Looks like you guys are having a blast. The matching tan lines made me laugh too

  3. Looks like a fun time for all!

    You're Mom always looks hott! Can I say that? Oh well...It is said!

    Keep on Enjoying!

  4. Is LaLa's phone number posted on here? :)

  5. Can Lala please share her workout routine. That's it! I must get in the gym! Sounds like you are having so much fun. I am VERY jealous. Aren't I related to you???

  6. Muy caliente!!

  7. Um, is LaLa into 30-something women? Damn! Lookin' good, lala, for ANY age.

  8. That picture IS your XMAS card! (Your boys, not yer mom...)

    Meanwhile, Lala, clearly the crazy-hot-you-are-insane-yoga really agrees with you!

    There is a Kiawah marathon in December...

  9. Lala has always been hot. That is where you get it.

    I love the plumber bottom photo.

  10. Pretty cool having a video of your son's first training wheels off bike ride! This will be a collectors item when he goes pro!