Monday, January 25, 2010

Pet Peeve

Oh, surely I have many but on facebook my friend Lin asked today "What really annoys you?" in his status update. Of course, probably not unlike most people, a lot of stuff annoys me. Some stuff more on some days and then on other days I can be pretty mellow about most things.

No really, I can be.

Believe it or not I've actually had people describe me "as laid back." I know, I too just assume those people--the ones who think I might be laid back-- are really bad at reading people. But, I'm just making a point that, I--moi-- have come across as laid back. That there are apparently some people in this world that think of me as easy going. And to me that suggests that those people--the ones who think of me as "laid back"-- probably think I don't get annoyed about much. And of course, they would be wrong. But again, I think we already agreed that these were not the most astute people ever anyway.

Did you see that?
Did you see how I was sort of polite about basically calling some people stupid?

Was that annoying?
A little?

Well, truthfully I too find that annoying but I am use to it. It is a Southern woman thing after all. Southern women are awesome at insulting someone in such a way that it sounds exactly like a compliment but really what just happened is that they called you a slut when they said "You are such, a (insert thoughtful seeming pause) free spirit."

Right, I know. I'm not really all that good at it and admittedly I am often tricked by it too. This is why I avoid ladies luncheons and anything that involves a committee of women. You know they are speaking English but you are never sure what is really being said because it is smushed under some pleasant adjectives and said in polite and syrupy voice. But one quick trick in helping you decode the intention is be on the look out for conversations that start with "Bless her heart". You hear that and just know that something unkind is about to be said about someone.

Okay but that isn't what really annoys me. I know, the whole tangent thing I do can be very annoying. I can't help it. I just have so many useless things to convey! I would hate for you to miss one single thing. Do you know my nickname is Pooh? No? Well it is and there really is a Tao of Pooh and all I am saying is that later? There might be a quiz. So yeah, all these tangents are key information. So pay attention and don't skip ahead.

So anyway. . . as soon as I read Lin's question I KNEW what really, really annoys. I mean, this is something that never fails to annoy me. More so than when someone nearly causes me to rear end them when they pull out in front of me and then proceed to drive 10 miles under the speed limit. More than that.

My number one pet peeve is the cult of the little dog. And maybe this is just an Atlanta thing, or a northern suburb thing but it seems like every single time I am in a TJ Maxx or Target or Trader Joes there is some woman--and no it is never the same woman--in there with her little scraggly haired with bows lap dog in a shopping cart. And no, it is not the same dog. Just the same type of dog. You know it: the little dogs, the lap dogs. The ones with an outfit on and a froufrou hair cut and most likely they have that nasty black stuff under their eyes that little dogs all seem to have. More often than not the little dog is sitting on a pillow.

To be clear. I don't have a problem with people owning these types of dogs or wanting to dress them up or fix their hair (you know some people put colored streaks in their dog's hair?) or essentially treat them like a child. I don't even mind little dogs. I don't want one for myself but little dogs aren't the problem. I've decided that what I really have issue with is the women who own these dogs and treat them like an accessory to their outfit.(I have NEVER seen a man out shopping with his little dog and I have yet to see anyone pushing their Boxer or Golden Retriever dressed up in a shopping cart at Trader Joes.) I don't understand why they think it is okay to bring these dogs where it is totally inappropriate to have an animal. Aside from a service dog I can not find a single reason at all why you would take your dog to shop for clothes or groceries (or, for that matter, why you would want to.)

It is totally obnoxious and presumptuous to bring your dog into a clothing or grocery store and subject people who maybe don't want to be around dogs to be around dogs. And don't even try the "I feel the same about your loud and wild children in public" argument. No way. Not the same. At all. Unlike a child you can leave your dog unattended at home. You can even put them in a crate. My understanding is that DEFACS has some issues with crating children so that is not an option for parents like it is dog owners. Also, some people are highly allergic to dogs. People, while highly annoyed by children, are never allergic to them.

I am so tempted to dress up Lola and put bows in her hair and put her in a shopping cart and peruse the racks at TJMaxx. Wonder what would happen? Forget that it would be totally impossible for me to sneak my 60lb husky under my jacket and quietly squire her into a shopping cart as I imagine the little dog ladies do. I am fairly certain I wouldn't make it cross the store's thresh hold with Lola. Pretty sure if I show up with Lola at Trader Joes, or any store other than Pet Smart, we would be asked to leave the moment we entered. And I think if they wouldn't let me shop with my big dog then that would be discrimination if they are allowing customers with little dogs to shop with their dog. I mean, come on! What about the shopping rights of big dogs and their owners? Certainly, as a US citizen, nothing should annoy me more than discrimination!

And I guess maybe that is the crux of what annoys me about the cult of the little dog, or rather their female owners. These women, in toting their little dogs everywhere with them, suggests to me that they believe they are above the rules. That smacks of self proclaimed elitism and elitism-- especially unearned and assumed-- is always distasteful to me: always, annoying.

Feel free to list your pet peeve.


  1. I am amazed someone thought you were laid back. . . glad your back to blogging, otherwise i have no idea what is going on with you.

  2. Nat,

    Glad you're back blogging.

    I travel frequently for work, and the thing that bothers me is people trying to sneak their little dogs onto planes (like how do you hide a dog going thru security anyway) and then taking them out of their bags on the plane, which is against FAA rules.

    I have 2 black labs that love to ride in my car, and go thru the drive thru at McDonald's, but they aren't gonna let me bring them into the restaurant nor would I try.

  3. Anne, I know, right like I never have anything to say on FB ;)

    I can't believe it either but totally true. One person I even worked with! And I know I was like the most intense waitress ever. I was always in a hurry and totally stressed.

    Phil--on a plane. Oh that would piss me off. I'm already stressed out on the plane enough nevermind having to sit next to a dog that is probably equally wigged.

    My dog LOVES to go on car rides--especially to the bank drive thru. She gets all excited when she sees me carrying a bank deposit. But I would never try to take her in the bank.
    I really don't understand why they want to take their dogs in places. I would be so worried they would have an accident and that would be totally mortifying--and gross.

  4. We travel to Europe a lot, and dogs are welcome everywhere (including restaurants) and no one gets too upset about having dogs around.

    What I have an issue with people who think that the rules don't apply to them, but that's another discussion entirely.

  5. I'm so impressed that Lola can recognize a deposit slip! Now that is one smart Husky. oxymoron-smart husky.

  6. I love this statement and agree 100%.

    "This is why I avoid ladies luncheons and anything that involves a committee of women."

    Couldn't have said it better myself. :)

    And ugh on the little dogs.

  7. Hahahah! You forgot on thing, though. My favorite line that southern women use is, "Wow, that is such an.... interesting... dress!" Of course it's said in a sweet, drawn out voice, so you think it's a compliment.

    This is going to sounds crazy, but not TOO much annoys me. I don't even think the dog thing would bother me.

  8. PTA. Anything involving the PTA is annoying.

    Pet peeves, though. Hm. I only really have the "failure to follow the bike rules" peeve.

  9. Well, Lola probably just recognizes the size of the paper and that it is a stack. I don't think she can read. She also knows when I am going running too probably because she recognizes my shoes. So I don't think she can read minds either. At least I hope not. . .

    LA Runner--you are too nice but I know you got some peeves-- like mean people?

    Steph, oh, yeah, ditto on the PTA. I am still mad about being tricked into being held hostage to watch a video.
    You must also be really annoyed me and Doug at all bike rides. Cause unless there is a car I am not stopping at the stop signs on Shallowford and Lake Charles.

    Kate, exactly.

  10. "You know they are speaking English but you are never sure what is really being said because it is smushed under some pleasant adjectives and said in polite and syrupy voice."

    I truly think we were separated at birth, LMAOOO ... and I totally understand the "Bless your Heart" saying ... and funny thing is, I immediately thought about it the moment I read that line up there .... we actually have another phrase that you can insert in its place (using your inside voice, of course, LOL) -- not nearly as nice :)

    I'm not feeling very annoyed today, as it is Whitsday, and it's ALLLL mine :)

    glad you're blogging again ......