Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Some stuff that I've been liking . . .

I am taking the day off--from running and exercise. I did actually do some work today (Carrie 4th quarter stuff coming your way!) and did some laundry, cleaning and other totally uninteresting and non self-rewarding activities. This is my planned cut back week but I have some tendonitis (hopefully nothing serious) and am going the way of less is more; but this is way less than I even planned. Plus, I just feel kind of crappy today. My goal for the year is to run healthy so a day off it is.

I am, however, trying to be a consistent blogger so I am going to post even though I ain't got much to say.

But you know me.

I can always figure out something to say (past few months notwithstanding) . . .

I thought I would list some of the random stuff I have been using lately and really like. This is probably more girl directed but you never know, might be something here for the boys-- or at least maybe some gift ideas for the most awesome women in your lives.

I mentioned in my Poodle Revisited post that I had a MRSA infection under my eye. This happened because I scratched the skin on my under eye (right along the socket, just above the cheekbone). Tiniest scratch ever. This was at the end of October when I was nursing that ITBS and was at the gym a lot. My doctor thinks I probably picked up the infection there. So what started out as a tiny scratch turned into a very scary infection that the doctor was afraid that if I had I waited any longer to treat it I would have been in danger of losing my eye. The whole left side of my face was so swollen it obstructed my vision and I had a fever. Despite this I still argued with him when he tried to prescribe me Levaquin . I just couldn't risk tendon rupture after all my ITBS woes. He agreed to give me Omnicef for 2 weeks so long as I came in every few days so he could check my eye. Luckily the Omnicef worked. But man what a pain in the ass to go to the doctor that much.

While the infection completely cleared up it unfortunately left an ugly, raised, red and bumpy mark. My friend Chris (Oh no! The pressure to update your blog!) advised me on using some eye cream (I was all what is this eye cream stuff you speak of?) but ultimately all the eye cream I tried made my eyes really puffy and didn't help the scar. I was afraid to try Mederma so close to my eye--especially since the skin is so thin there. I also hate spending lots of money on face products that I don't know if they will work and will probably give me an allergic reaction.

See, here is me and Chris at The Cult (awesome concert by the way) about a week after my eye infection healed. Right eye, red mark. I deleted all the pictures where it looked really scary.

On a whim I decided to try a moisturizer instead. I know it probably sounds crazy but I have never used moisturizer. At least not regularly. Crazy, because a woman my age should probably have found "her moisturizer" 20 years ago. But no. Not me. See, ever since I became an adult I have been plagued by adult acne (oh, the irony). The older I get the worse it seems to get (wrinkles and zits! Awesome!) So the idea of adding to the oil factory on my face wasn't something I thought wise. But let me tell you I've been using Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer for almost 2 months now and my skin looks better than it has in, well, forever. And, best of all, I have not had to use any other acne products (and believe me, I've tried them all except Acutane) and have had no significant breakouts either. It's crazy. Ryan also loves this stuff too. Best of all the mark under my eye from the infection has gotten so much better. I can hardly see it. There is still a mark but it isn't raised or bumpy or as dark. For less than $16 this stuff is totally worth a try. I use it twice a day.

Next up is Phubby. This is a wrist "cubby". Carmella gave this to me. Totally her find. She picked it up at a gift shop in Callaway Gardens. She and Beau went for the weekend last spring with Bubbles and Poppy and she wanted to get me a present since I always bring her gifts when I go on vacation without her. How sweet is she?

Anyway, I have used this to death. It is awesome to carry Gu's, phone, lip stick, ID, money etc. I can stuff a lot of stuff in there! It has totally opened up my running wardrobe since I am no longer pocket dependent. However, a word of advice, you might want to put your cell phone in a ziplock. On a long trail run this summer-- when it was like 95 degrees-- I sweated so much I shorted out my cell phone that was in the phubby. That may have been a fluke thing since I always forget to bag my phone and I haven't had any issues with sweat or even rain. But just saying I don't think it is water proof.

Next is the second best Christmas gift I received this year.

Oh, what was first?

Why, my Frye Belted Harness boots of course!(I have a boot fetish.) My other boots are sad cause they aren't getting any play time.
But my 2nd favorite is just as great and is a hit at parties. My most thoughtful sister-in-law and brother-in-law gave Ryan and I our own personal breathalyzer for Christmas. My other brother-in-law (Wes) currently holds the high record of .26. The record, which I am sure won't hold, was set at the Band of Horses concert on Dec 30th. Which I should say the best part of that concert was for final encore they sang We are the World with a bunch of other local musicians (I think I saw the guy from the Whigs up there) and it was totally lost on the young hipsters that dominated the crowd.
I found this video from the following night:

My final current love of late is the Ulta make up kit Bubbles gave me for Christmas. I am pretty boring when it comes to make up: always with the nudes and the neutrals. But this kit is awesome! It has so many colors and they go on really nice--not flakey. My only complaint is that it doesn't have a mascara and that I can't take the lip gloss with me. But a really great kit if you want to experiment with different colors and not for a bad price either since it is just under $20.

No list of likes would be complete without at least one dislike.

Okay. So this is a pretty unusual thing. I had never even heard about it-- never mind seen one in person until New Year's Eve when I was out for my final run of 2009.
Have you seen one before?

Know what it is?


Well, it is a runner's trap.

Horrible, horrible contraption.

I know, I KNOW, it looks totally innocuous. All simple in it's circular design. Don't be fooled. It may look like a metal ring but make no mistake. This trap can cause some serious damage. At all costs you must avoid the runner's trap and under no circumstances try to step through the circle. If you attempt this your front toe may lift part of the ring and it will effectively (and swiftly) lasso your ankles and bring you down. Hard. One second you are enjoying, wait, celebrating your final miles of 2009 and the next second your chin is within a mila inch of the concrete and your entire body weight is supported by your right knee and thigh and wrists. Oh believe me, you get up fast. It is a crowded intersection. And you try to act all cool and not freak out about the blood streaming down your legs, possible broken wrist and jog tuck tailed home. Oh yeah, you are going to be feeling that tomorrow and for weeks after wards. But don't worry, by some time mid month the bruises and scabs on your hands, knee and wrist will almost all be totally gone.

Good, f-ing riddance 2009.


  1. I know that wire ring! I've been passing it for weeks. Then one sunny day I wasn't paying attention and it got me. I took a nice pavement dive.

  2. I've never seen the wire ring before...what in the world is its purpose for existing?

    Wishing you a speedy recovery on your tendonitis.

    Great goal for the year to run healthy! No running streaks for me in 2010, I'm getting too old to push my creaky, rackety body that hard.

  3. so glad you are blogging again! As a running mom a relate to all your stories and have missed you!

  4. OMG - LOL - Okay, I have the same problem with the skin, it is a cruel joke this wrinkles and zits. So I will try the moisturizer.

    Glad your running is back!

  5. Your Blog is really quite funny. I usually can't get through the first paragraph of these things but I really must say I was intrigued. It's nice to know that whenever we all take that inevitable hard slam in the street somewhere when biking, running whatever we all react the same way. Just get up quick, haul ass to somewhere people can't see you and lick your wounds. Too funny.....

  6. Hi! I'm a new reader, stumbled upon your TA report and I'm hooked :D Are you coming back this year? I've been there all 5 years, and am actually in the background of your dress/beer pic :D (on the phone, look really fat :roll:)

    Anyways, two things: what IS that wire ring thing? And, for skin care (I'm a skin care junkie, plagued with adult acne too ugh) I've recently started using the Olay 7 Effects and it is the best thing ever! So, if you ever decide you want to try something different (the Aveeno gave me a rash), try it!

  7. Brad, do you serisously know this wire ring? It was on the sidewalk for all of Dec and after my fall I took it home with me. Are you here in Marietta?

    Jenn, no idea what it is or what it is for. I had been jumping over it on the sidewalk/not really noticing it for awhile. I didn't think much about stepping though it and was shocked to find myself on the ground. But the ring now lives in my trophy case where it can no longer hurt runners.

  8. I like Chris's Shiner Bock t-shirt.
    Craft beer, Sh!t beer, whatever. In Astin, TX, we drink a lot of it.